[1.3b62] Minor UI bug: "Impersonate Selected" doesn't appear

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[1.3b62] Minor UI bug: "Impersonate Selected" doesn't appear

Post by Chrest »

This is a very minor bug, but hopefully one that can be reproduced easily and fixed quickly:

1. Place two tokens on a map.
2. Click on Token 1, click "Impersonate Selected" in the Impersonate pane (just noticed, this pane is called "Impersonated" in the title bar of the pane, but "Impersonate" (no d) in the Window menu).
3. Click on Token 2 so that Token 2 is now selected and Token 1 is not.
4. Click the red X button in the Chat pane to cancel impersonation of Token 1.

Result: Token 1's macros will disappear from the Impersonate pane, but the "Impersonate Selected" button will not reappear until you click on Token 2 again. Expected behavior is that the button would reappear upon canceling impersonation, if another token was selected at the time.

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