1.3b88 deleting macro messes up indices

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1.3b88 deleting macro messes up indices

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I've been having trouble with "getMacroGroup" and "getMacros" disagreeing about what macro goes to what index. I've narrowed this down as best I can and it seems that deleting a macro from a token does not update the index of all macros that come after it. This can be easily reproduced by:

1. Creating a token
2. Adding macro "A"
3. Adding macro "B"
4. Deleting macro "A"
5. Calling [r: getMacroIndexes("B")]

The result is "2", and "getMacroGroup" also returns "2". But "getMacros" returns "B", making it difficult to match the indexes of a group to their corresponding names.

Let me know if there's anything else I need to elaborate on, or if this is expected behavior.

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