HOWTO: Upgrade B89 Launcher

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HOWTO: Upgrade B89 Launcher

Post by aliasmask »

This is a drop-in zip file containing the tools and files you'll need to upgrade the B89 launcher to the newer B91 launcher. I also added some shortcut links for java 7 and 8 so you can Pin them to your taskbar in Windows for easy access. I'm currently making a video to demonstrate and I'll post it here when done.

The following files and folders are included:
  • translations (folder) - This folder is required to use the launcher. It includes added language support.
  • AM Config READ ME.html - It will contain the content from this page.
  • B89 Launcher Cleanup.bat - This batch file moves the old launcher methods to "B89 Legacy" folder.
  • B89 MapTool Launcher.jar - This is the same as the launcher included in B91 just renamed.
  • Backup MapTool Registry Entries - Win7.bat - Same as the registry backup but calls regedit instead. The other version doesn't work for Win 7 but this version should work for all Windows versions.
  • Default.theme - (optional) You should delete this file if you don't want these settings. I removed the border spacing on the form buttons for cleaner custom form buttons. I also set the edit macro windows fonts to be 14px and bold which is much easier to read (from 11px).
  • Download Java 7 64-bit.html - Direct download link for java 7 64-bit. This is difficult to find on the java website.
  • Download Java 8 64-bit.html - Direct download link for java 8 64-bit. Easier to find, but often overlooked. Also, 64-bit systems download the 32-bit version by default.
  • MapTool B89 (java 7) - Windows shortcut file that runs the launcher with java 7. You can Pin this to your taskbar, but you need to configure the Start In under properties to point to the MapTool directory (see video).
  • MapTool B89 (java 8) - Windows shortcut file that runs launcher with java 8. Same as java 7 shortcut, but points to java 8 under jre1.8.0_25 folder. The direct download above installs this version. For future versions of java 8 the shortcut may need to change to use with MapTool. In order to change, go to shortcut properties and where it says "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_25\bin\javaw.exe" just replace the highlighted with the new folder name. It's a pain, but you don't really need to do it in the first place. Java 8 uses virtual links to point to the most recent version, but they are incompatible with windows shortcuts so the change needs to be manually done for windows shortcuts.

VIDEO: MapTool B89 Launcher Update

AM MapTool B89
(79.45 KiB) Downloaded 146 times

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