Maptools chat avatars

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Maptools chat avatars

Post by bocotainin »

For some reason maptools uses the portrait picture for avatars. Is there a way to override that to use the layout picture? Or, perhaps more usefully, any arbitrary picture?

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Re: Maptools chat avatars

Post by Azhrei »

No, not currently.

We plan on using stylesheets more in the future and it should be possible to override the CSS with your own. For example, a given token's avatar would likely be something like:

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#tokenGUID {
    background-image: url(asset://...);

where the default image is the portrait one from the token. Then you could always override that with your own settings and pick whatever image you want.

I'm not saying it will be done that way, I'm just saying that I'd like to see it be user-configurable and this seems a practical way to do so. (Although CSS can have performance issues in some cases, so a different solution may be better. We'll see.)

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Re: Maptools chat avatars

Post by wolph42 »

You could use broadcast and create your own style. But that would not work for simple chat, only for macros. To get an idea you can have a look at bot_message() macro on my bag of tricks (link in sig). There's a manual for use as well.

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