REQ: Soften edges on light/blocking

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REQ: Soften edges on light/blocking

Post by celestian »

What I'd like to request is a slight fade of the edges of light sources and blocking object/drawing. Right now it's sharp as the sight blocking and when players see it it seems really artificial. Silly description I guess but I've seen elsewhere that others use something that softened up the edges and it made it much more organic.

Perhaps an option to use the mode we have now and the new one?

Just a fluff thing but I've seen it in action before and I was floored how much it made the maps look better.

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Re: REQ: Soften edges on light/blocking

Post by JamzTheMan »

It would be very difficult with the current code.

However with ray casting and other methods it can be achieved. I'm try a few things out and if I find a way... well, keep an eye out.
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Re: REQ: Soften edges on light/blocking

Post by brokenmachine »

+1 Great idea!

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Re: REQ: Soften edges on light/blocking

Post by Craig »

JamzTheMan wrote:ray tracing

casting :)

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