Creating frameworks?

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Creating frameworks?

Post by EvanaShankar »

I am very, very new to maptools, and I really liked the software, so if I understanded correctly, a framework is a collection of macros in a campaign file that other people can download and use, right? So if I wanted to create a framework for a system myself, I should just write the macro codes in a file and then, upload? What are the specifics? Any tips other than, of course, learning more and more about the macro language and all that. routerlogin 192.168.l.l
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Re: Creating frameworks?

Post by aliasmask »

Generally speaking, you do everything within the MapTool campaign. I recommend you read about lib tokens (somewhere in the wiki) and permissions. I also recommend reading about the vision system (there are some good tutorials in the community page). Bookmark the function page and join the MapTool discord. Once you get the basics down you can try my RPEdit in my signature for saving/loading macros from your lib token so you can edit them all at once. There are other useful, generic drop-ins like the BoT (see discord) to do various token manipulations and scene creation.

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Re: Creating frameworks?

Post by wolph42 »

there's a big link in my sig with all the available documentation to get you started. check it out and also visit discord!

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