Struggling to Get PlayStream to Play My Own Files

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Struggling to Get PlayStream to Play My Own Files

Post by margru »

I've gotten back into coding some of my own stuff into Maptool recently, but I've come across an issue I just can't wrap my head around. I've gotten the PlayStream function to play files from my local machine before, and it works with most online sounds I could find. I even pulled a dropbox link from one of the other posts about PlayStream to test it out. Yet, when I use my own link, which should as far as I can tell work perfectly fine, Maptool does nothing. Am I missing something?

Here's the working code:

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[H: Music ="")]

[H: execFunction("playStream",json.append("[]",Music, 1,0.8),0,"all")]
However, when I change the Music variable to this, it doesn't work:

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[H: Music ="")]

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Re: Struggling to Get PlayStream to Play My Own Files

Post by aliasmask »

I tried to run it in MT and nothing came out. So, I downloaded it and re-encoded it, uploaded to my dropbox and it works fine. I'm thinking the original encoding is for 130 kbps and I converted to the standard 128 kbps using this site:

So, I guess MT is picky with the encoding.

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