New Router, New Problems

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Re: New Router, New Problems

Post by neofax »

What model linksys router? What firmware? Running stock software on the router or DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Tomato?

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Re: New Router, New Problems

Post by heathan666 »

Lynksys WRT160N, Firmware v3.0.02, its running stock software on the router I believe.
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Re: New Router, New Problems

Post by Blakey »

Sorry for the thread-romancy but we played at my mate's house last night and hit this exact same error message and he has the same router as you - the Linksys WRT160N (v2) router. It seems from what we can tell on various forums that there is a bug in the router that screws up UPnP.

We ended up playing a LAN only session last night after three hours trying to fix the problem, meaning our remote friend couldn't play.

Did you ever get to the bottom of how to fix this issue with this router?

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