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Re: Sound clips

Post by Azhrei »

Cool input! Thanks, flynndad!

When we get to the point of adding this in, I know where to go for some tips and ideas. :)

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Re: Sound clips

Post by femanon »

I don't know what's been discussed, all I really want though is the ability to add sound clips that play to others via token macros. Even if it has a cool down, it would be nice to add some sound effects.

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Re: Sound clips

Post by taspoff »

I was a long time away, but I recently updated my lib, due to VLC change on their http interface with latest versions.... Here is a campaign minimalist with music token and sort of indications in frame() does a lot of IE spamm, but it works...

I'm using the test build (, but am not sure it would not work with the last release for the music lib

4 instances of VLC (version 2.2.4 here) on 4 ports (the .bat to launch), with http web interface activated, and some json playlist for managing the music to play....

need to be done :
    using a "simple" name for emplacement of music on HDisk : i use g:/mp3 : no space, underlines, special characters....
    launch the 4 VLC instance ( i made a .bat for windows, shell on linux is easy to adapt)
    click on a Music token, my framework display its characterSheet
    clicking on "edit" on his top, should open a dialog and a "playlist".
    links to play / pause musics
    links to play / pause musics
    MusicCharsheet.jpg (53.22 KiB) Viewed 1378 times
    click on the "update" link on top of playlist frame.
    playlist (it's VERY long to update , but fortunately, it's then stocked in Lib:Music and have only to be redone if you add music in your directory)
    playlist (it's VERY long to update , but fortunately, it's then stocked in Lib:Music and have only to be redone if you add music in your directory)
    Musicplaylist.jpg (182.1 KiB) Viewed 1378 times
    A new dialog with directory for MP3 and server ports/ip appear,
    musicAsk.jpg (30.7 KiB) Viewed 1378 times
    change IP or directory where you stock the musics. a frame display with calculated link should appear
the operating instructions in game
the operating instructions in game
musichelp.jpg (91.42 KiB) Viewed 1378 times

    follow instructions to upload the MP3 in VLCs, and update the lib:Music token. The construction of playlist in HTML can be very long, especially with tons of musics in the playlist (mine is around 2000 titles, and it take 30min to create the playlist)....fortunately, it's necessary only once, or whenever you change repertory or music items on your hard disk
    you can change volume, or pause/play the same music with the control display
    volume, and stoping musics
    volume, and stoping musics
    Musiccontrol.jpg (24.77 KiB) Viewed 1378 times

Each VLC Command is a http/json get, raising 5 times the volume will open 5 page in IE... it can be a little spammy using this lib... :D
Reference vide V3.9.cmpgn
Campaign "almost empty" with lib:music
(3.5 MiB) Downloaded 61 times
a batch to launch and stop the 4 VLC instances
(522 Bytes) Downloaded 58 times

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