Insane Bandwidth Usage

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Insane Bandwidth Usage

Post by KaylaKaze »

I recently took over DMing for my group. My upload speed though is capped at about 40KB/s. Obviously, it takes a little bit to load maps, but that's not the issue. Even after the maps are loaded, MapTool is still lagging terribly when players move their tokens. I checked the network traffic and MapTool is sending tons of data every time a token is moved. I suspect it has to do with LOS, since this doesn't occur in areas where there's minimal LOS blocking.

As a dirty fix, I turned off vision on my player's tokens and on the map and am clearing FOW manually, but this is still a major issue, IMO. Unless I'm the only one whose ISP has an insanely low upload cap.

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Re: Insane Bandwidth Usage

Post by Azhrei »

MapTool is not sending only the needed data -- it sends the entire token. So tokens with lots of properties, or very large properties, will generate more traffic.

Dragging a token requires that the waypoints for the move are sent and they are retransmitted for each mouse movement. You can speed things up a lot by using the keyboard (since there are no intermediate movements like there are with the mouse).

The entire concept behind moving tokens will be revised in 1.4 so that only the (x,y) coordinates along the path will be transmitted and this should help significantly with network traffic.

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