[1.3.b88] Incorrect tokens placed

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[1.3.b88] Incorrect tokens placed

Post by ziltmilt »

I'm encountering a problem where I can select a token when I first start Maptool, place the token, but then when I need to get a different token or perhaps an object, after selecting something different, what ends up placed on the map is the original token.

Anyone else encounter this?

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Re: [1.3.b88] Incorrect tokens placed

Post by SpeedyBanana »

Is there actually a fix for this or not? I've clicked on your link but it's just a massive thread that points out the problem, and a million other problems with the program, I don't see a solution anywhere.

Has this bug been fixed? If not I'm not sure how you can even use this program as essentially it's impossible to place tokens.

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Re: [1.3.b88] Incorrect tokens placed

Post by aliasmask »

Corrections have been made, but not currently released. b88 is broken, so roll back to b87 or b86 in some cases (for UPnP).

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