Ways to have maptool run smoother and faster?

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Ways to have maptool run smoother and faster?

Post by xTimx »

so i know i do alot of drawing on maptools, and between adding in objects and adding in the VBL, it gets really boggy. and when i use maptool in GM view, it still takes a long pause between inputs for the program to respond.

so is there a way to make it alot smoother and faster?

Edit: so i was fiddling around with the program (B89) and i find that when you open maps, up whether if its just one or many, there's a green bar on the bottom right corner of the window that displays the memory used. sometimes when i open up the map, it'll only be on like 766M max, but when i close the program and open it up again with the same map, it'll go to 1800M max, and i find that if its that high, its running ALOT smoother and faster. and i can double click on things faster.

can someone explain to me whats happening here? (sorry for the dumb Qs) :(

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