Token State Limitations

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Token State Limitations

Post by Tanthos »

The Token Ownership feature is something I have been struggling with lately.

What settings are there to prevent players from changing the states or bars on their owned tokens (on purpose or accident), short of simply asking them to play nice?

Right now, my players can edit the States tab in the Edit Token dialog on their owned tokens. I want them to be able to control and own their tokens, but for purposes of the game, I need to have those things be hidden and/or uneditable by players.

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Re: Token State Limitations

Post by wolph42 »

you can set states and bars for gm visible only. NOt sure if they can still edit it then but at least it will only be visible to you.
next to that you could add hidden properties where you keep check of active states. Beyond that... there's nothing from a player to stop editing e.g. his HP of his token. The only way around that is to create a lib token that she has no access to and retrieve the properties for the token from that lib. Aliasmask created a library with a set of macro for that. But I personally have no experience with that.

and you can always kick a player or increase encounters once you discover unfair play...

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Re: Token State Limitations

Post by Lee »

These things will have locks in Mote. We named it limited ownership and it's a set of granular, server preferences that controls which aspects of tokens, owners can access. Look forward to it in the future :)

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