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Re: Source Code

Post by JamzTheMan »

JML wrote:My two cents:

I'd agree with RPTroll on this. It seems an awful loss of coding time (which is sparse) to develop an internal code editor instead of an easy way to export/import macros and all the campaign stuff. We won't get close to existing code editors, not talking of all other developing tools. Let's let those interested work on improving all those marvelous existing tools and focus on MapTool specific functions.

What do you think?

FYI, some things are easier when you leverage existing projects/plugins. Is doing a full fledged editor a lot of work? Sure. Can I give you syntax highlighting for MT Script keywords/functions with line numbers, undo/redo, code folding, search/replace, word wrap with a few lines of code? Yes!

I was stuck on adding MT specific keywords for a bit (lexial parser and all that can be quite ugly) but found there was a TokenMakerMaker program that pretty much did the work for me so adding it in was no more difficult than doing it in Notepad.

Looking into changing the macro editor now into a dockable window vs dialog, add a couple of buttons, and it should make editing a little easier. I thought of putting a "Button" builder as well, allowing you to select an Asset as an image with a preview.
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Re: Source Code

Post by JML »

@RPTroll: sorry but it seems I have a tough time expressing myself these days :oops: I should also have pointed out I was taking advantage of your sentence to make a general statement and in no way were I answering you specifically. So no offense taken, don't worry.

@JamzTheMan: glad it's not a lot of work. This makes a worrying thought (coding time black hole) fade away. But I'm still under the impression that this path (internal editor) may become a dead end. It would be a huge improvement over the present way of managing macro code, but this may lead to disregard the external files option. The latter puts us, framework developers, in a classical dev environment were we could take advantage of all existing dev tools, and not only code editors (I'm thinking version control, HTML, CSS & JavaScript tools, etc.). MTScript is just a part of present frameworks and may become a smaller one with upcoming changes.

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