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Re: Could Not Load campaign, Java Util Zip ZipExtraction

Posted: Wed May 13, 2015 5:12 am
by femanon
I got the thing to load completely with my backed up .mtools folder.

now lets see if I can get it to save properly this time.

Re: Could Not Load campaign, Java Util Zip ZipExtraction

Posted: Wed May 13, 2015 5:15 am
by femanon
The file is now fixed.

I thankyou all for your efforts to aid me. this was very productive and I never imagined it would be possible.

Re: Could Not Load campaign, Java Util Zip ZipExtraction

Posted: Wed May 13, 2015 5:18 am
by Full Bleed
femanon wrote:
aliasmask wrote:There were some assets that had X's but I did see the majority of the map.

mhmm, what i'm asking is is it possible to replace these files directly with a zip editor?

More than likely, "No". But you could try through a pretty painstaking process.

Every asset has a file (renamed to the ID that MT is using for it) and an asset text file (it has no extension) that looks something like this when you open it:

Code: Select all


That is paired with the file: 0a3b74b301b4d2663eda59b5fdb1eb9d.png

So, as far as I know, every asset should have TWO files associated with it (the actual asset and the text file).

I took a quick look at the recovered asset folder and I had to delete 69 files that were missing either the graphic asset or the asset text file.

If you wanted to try and hand recover/rebuild those 69 assets you'd have to:

1) In the case of a missing graphic asset: Open the text file associated with it, find the graphic name, find the original graphic, then make a copy and rename it to the proper asset ID so that it pairs up with the existing asset text file.

2) In the case of a missing asset text file: Rebuild the text asset file using the information that you can see from the existing graphics file.

That's probably way more work than just redoing the maps (depending on how hard it is to find the original graphics). And you could still run into some problems because there is a chance that you could be missing both the graphic and text file in some cases or you could make a typo in one of the asset files along the way that would be difficult (or impossible) to track down.

But, theoretically, it seems like you could correct those 69 assets manually (if you can find the missing file and don't make any mistakes in the text file you have to recreate).

Note: Since AM is able to open it with b91 and only sees about 3 missing graphical assets, it might be self correcting some of the errors. I'd pretty much ignore most of what I said above and just replace those. ;)