How to install on a Mac

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How to install on a Mac

Post by Clancey »

Sorry, I have never been able to get this program to work. I downloaded the latest version, updated Java and now am told I have to install a JDK (I think) I am using a Mac and safari. Can anyone step me through the process of how to get this to run please. I have installed an earlier version and got the screen to come up but then every time I tried to import a map it complained about some problem with a zip file... Help, please!

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Re: How to install on a Mac

Post by RPTroll »

Are you getting your version from the Download page or trying to launch via the Launch page?

Download Page:
Launch Page:

I recommend the Download page. Grab the Mac version and give it a try.

I'm not a Mac person but maybe one of our Mac users will chime in.
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Re: How to install on a Mac

Post by JamzTheMan »

Try the development version, it comes with Java :)
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