Token property with multiline default

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Token property with multiline default

Post by Purzelkater »


as you know on the "Campaign Properites", tab "Token Properties" we can set default values for properties like "strength:1".
My question is, can we set multline default values too?

Example: I have a list of skills a token can have I would like to store into one token property. If I open the token (doubleclick and swith to tab "Properties") then there a value like

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Skills     Brawl,1
Right now I have an "empty" property "Skills" (without default value) and have to add the skill list manually after I have added the token to the map.
Now I would like to add this list as default value on the campaign settings.

Is this possible?

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Re: Token property with multiline default

Post by aliasmask »

JSON objects can store multiple values.

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[H: setProperty("Skills",json.set("{}","Athletics",2,"Brawl",1,"Hide",0))]
Which would show in the property as

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Skills: {"Athletics":2,"Brawl":1,"Hide":0}

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