Using MT Online Best Practices?

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Using MT Online Best Practices?

Post by venger »

We've been using MT for years F2F, never had a need to consider networking or repository knowledge, frameworks, etc.
In lieu of the pandemic, one of my gamebuddies and I will be going online to test/learn MT for what it was made for.

I looked over some stuff in the HowTo's, and other threads, but some of that stuff is 10 years old, and end up spending several hours reading through dated material I'm nt sure is still valid, so decided to ask a few questions to get in the game quicker so to speak.
I need to have something set up by the weekend.

Here are the parameters I need to work with;
I play with a group of F2F friends. We can share assets via thumb drive.The friend I'm getting with already has a copy of my assets.
I currently have limited internet access, so want provide assets ahead of time to limit data use

1. I am using a frameworks mashup, currently; bobfile tokens, meleks simple, and Wolf42 BOT. Looking at Rod's framework too.
Do the players need copies of these installed in their clients? I so, Can I just send them a copy of my Maptool Campaign mashup to run without burdening them with the installs?

2. In the case of remote asset access, I don't have a url repository for assets at this time. Would something like googledrive provide? Or the better question, what might be available?

That's all I can think of, but if there are any other considerations please let me know, thanks

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Re: Using MT Online Best Practices?

Post by taustinoc »

1. Everything the players need is sent through the network. All they need to do is install MapTool.

2. Repositories need to be set up so that the repository file can be directly accessed with a URL. Some file sharing sites, you get a URL that does to a download page. Google Drive does this, so it doesn't work, but other services often do. (I've never set up a repository, but someone will chime in with suggestions, I'm sure.)

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Re: Using MT Online Best Practices?

Post by Phergus »

I've you've never hosted a server for external folks to access before I suggest you start now getting it setup and tested in case there are issues.

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