Screen Redraw Glitch

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Screen Redraw Glitch

Post by BryceKastor »

Hello Everyone.

I am a new user (thank you COVID) and I've been watching a bunch of videos on how to and checking things out. This is an amazing project that has an amazing community!

I have a frustrating issue with screen re-draws that are beginning to drive me a bit crazy. I've been reading the forums trying to track down the issue and see if I could work out the issue but didn't have luck with the suggestions. I hope someone can help!!

I have installed and used 1.6.1 and the 1.7alpha (Dungeondraft support came QUICK!) and I have had the same issue with both versions on my main PC (but not a laptop I've been using for table play) where the screen redraw is being layered and not deleting... think the old windows pointer bug where it would just deposit little (photo attached).

- Win10
- i7-9700 CPU
- 32 GB mem
- RTX 2070

I have deleted and reinstalled both Java and Maptools a few times
- original install of Java was 32 bit but I deleted that and re-installed the 64 bit version
- odd sidebar but for whatever reason the 32 bit version seems to be the default install for this system... very annoying.

NVIDIA Drivers are the most recent.

==== MapTool Information ====
MapTool Version: 1.7.0-alpha-2
MapTool Home...: C:\Users\teres\.maptool-rptools
Max mem avail..: 8 GB
Max mem used...: 8 GB
Custom Property: -DMAPTOOL_DATADIR=.maptool-rptools

==== Java Information ====
Java Vendor.: Oracle Corporation
Java Home...: D:\Users\teres\AppData\Local\MapTool\runtime
Java Version: 10.0.1

==== OS Information ====
OS Name........: Windows 10
OS Version.....: 10.0
OS Architecture: amd64
Processor......: Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 12, GenuineIntel
PATH...........: D:\Users\teres\AppData\Local\MapTool\app;D:\Users\teres\AppData\Local\MapTool
Number of Procs: 8

==== User Information ====
User Name: teres
User Home: C:\Users\teres
User Dir.: D:\Users\teres\AppData\Local\MapTool\app

==== Locale Information ====
Country.: United States
Locale..: United States

==== Encoding Information ====
Default Locale: _US
Default Charset: UTF-8
file.encoding: UTF-8
sun.jnu.encoding: Cp1252
Default Encoding: UTF8

==== Display Information ====
Number of Displays: 1
Display 1: 3440x1440(32)

==== Internet Gateway Devices ====
No IGDs Found!
Screen Redraw issues.JPG
Screen Redraw issues.JPG (278.09 KiB) Viewed 273 times

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Re: Screen Redraw Glitch

Post by aliasmask »

Could be the windows 10 scaling or a Direct 3D or OpenGL thing. You can check out this article about windows scaling. You can also go to preferences | Start up and try one of the Advanced options related to Direct3D or OpenGL to see if it fixes your problem.

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Re: Screen Redraw Glitch

Post by Phergus »

It's most likely to be an issue with the video drivers and so as a quick fix you can go to Preferences like Aliasmask said and try the Disable Direct3D option or the Enable OpenGL.

Might want to go to the website for the graphic card manufacturer to see if there are update video drivers as well.

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Re: Screen Redraw Glitch

Post by BryceKastor »

Phergus, Aliasmask

Thank you for the advice.. I'm playing with the DIrect 3D and OpenGL settings and I've had good results. 30 minutes and no screen redraw glitches!
This is so exciting! We ran a game today off of the laptop, which has always been pretty rock solid, but the main PC is a much better choice for setting up a campaign.... and this stability helped to finish the maps for todays session.

The video drivers are the most up to date and hopefully they weren't the cause.
I guess there's a chance there's some thing else that may be running that could be an issue or a conflict.

Now I can dive in and spend more time learning this system rather than get frustrated at glitches.

Many Many Thanks

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