Can no longer update Campaign Properties / Token Properties

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Can no longer update Campaign Properties / Token Properties

Post by Oryan77 »

For years I have used a workaround to getting a Token Property (Token Type: Basic) conditional text to simulate "wrapping text" in the token Portrait window. I did this by giving the name of the line a series of blank spaces and nothing else.


*Blinded -:[R, IF(getState("Blinded") == 1): "1/2 speed, -2 AC, no Dex AC, -4 Search," ; ""]
* :[R, IF(getState("Blinded") == 1): "-4 Str/Dex skills, 50% miss on attacks " ; ""]

The token portrait will show the following on token mouseover:

Blinded - 1/2 speed, -2 AC, no Dex AC, -4 Search,
-4 Str/Dex skills, 50% miss on attacks

Now MT seems to check for errors when you click the Update button and it identifies every line of code as an error if it is using nothing but blank spaces as a name. The existing properties still work and simulates wrapping text, but I cannot add any new lines to Token Properties unless I remove the lines containing errors.

I tried to edit the exported properties xml file directly with the new line, but MT will not import the .mtprops file. MT reports a list of errors.

Is there a better way to accomplish wrapping text like this or a method to add a new property and still use my workaround properties?

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