Hero 6th Edition Framework

MapTool campaign files that encapsulate properties, tokens, and macros for a particular ruleset or game world. "Framework" is often abbreviated "FW".

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Re: Hero 6th Edition Framework

Post by wolph42 »

Hi, good to hear you're taking over. make sure that you create a new post (new topic) when you release something and place a post in this section pointing out to that new topic.

This way you have full control over the forum topic and you can change the OP, which is the first thing people will look at when looking for this.

You can also ask an moderator here to update the OP from this topic, pointing to the new topic you create so people who end up here are guided to the new spot.

Keep up the good work!

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Re: Hero 6th Edition Framework

Post by mudpyr8 »

Wilco. Thanks for the guidance.
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