[GURPS] Wrathchild / Winter's FW v2 (BETA)

MapTool campaign files that encapsulate properties, tokens, and macros for a particular ruleset or game world. "Framework" is often abbreviated "FW".

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Re: [GURPS] Wrathchild / Winter's FW v2 (BETA)

Post by Winter »

I have been following the intermittent discussions on the GURPS forums about the likelihood of a licensing change that would permit the more comprehensive MapTool framework we had built several years ago. I won't have time until the Christmas break to work on anything, but I'll keep my eyes open for any developments in SJG's policies, and we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I hope what we're able to share online now is helpful for everyone!

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Re: [GURPS] Wrathchild / Winter's FW v2 (BETA)

Post by dalin »

I'm relatively new around here, but am excited to try out MapTool and the GURPS framework with my out-of-state gaming friends. Is this the best place to ask questions about the GURPS framework? In the hopes that I'm in the right place, I'll toss out a few questions:
  1. I noticed that Deceptive Attack is not listed as one of the maneuver choices. Is there a reason for this? (It's a fairly popular choice in my group.)
  2. Data entry is slow. Each NPC requires stats and some key equipment. For now I've been skipping most advantages and disadvantages. I'm trying to come up with a good workflow for this process. Do you typically export tokens to create a library of monsters and NPCs? I could see how this, eventually, would speed things up. I could find an existing creature with similar stats, duplicate it, change the graphic, update any stats, and export the new one.
  3. For PCs, has anyone experimented with GCS to RPTOK importers?
  4. While setting up my first experimental map, I somehow screwed up a token's inventory so that whenever I hit the inventory button on the character sheet, I get the following error: "Illegal argument type java.lang.String, expecting java.math.BigDecimal." I'm guessing that I somehow included a space in a number or something. I unzipped the token file and examined the XML, but can't figure out where the screw-up happened. (The inventory XML is clearly not intended for human parsing.) In any event, I can delete the token and start over, but I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone knows a quick way to just delete the inventory and keep the rest of the token's characteristics.
Thank you for any wisdom you can share!

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