[Pokemon Tabletop Adventures] Fazza Framework

MapTool campaign files that encapsulate properties, tokens, and macros for a particular ruleset or game world. "Framework" is often abbreviated "FW".

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[Pokemon Tabletop Adventures] Fazza Framework

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This is a framework I made for playing Pokemon Tabletop on maptool with my group. I've decided to upload here for other people to use if they wish. Any feedback or questions are welcome.

Get the file here:

What this framework can do?:
This framework was made to make playing online with skype easier and reduce the need to reference the book.

It uses character sheets to display all trainer and pokemon info. On the pokemon side it tracks stats, moves, abilities, capabilities and other details that might be needed for pokemon these are all easily referenced and editable. Moves are stored and rolled with the click of a button and HP may be edited manually or by clicking a link provided when an attack is rolled. Other details are also easily referenced.

On the trainer side it tracks stats, features, pokemon currently carried and inventory and once again are easily referenced and editable. Pokemon can be automatically sent out and recalled with one click. Rolls for items such as potions and pokeballs are automatically rolled and output into chat. Adding items also automatically calculates the cost or allows you to set your own including 0 if it was a reward or found.

I've tried to make it fairly easy for players to edit their own pokemon by centralising things such as moves, natures, capabilities and items on a token for GM use, this allows for some homebrewing but the GM will have to get their hands dirty for it as I have not yet added a UI for adding new stuff.

[spoiler=Individual Sheet Details]Pokemon sheets. Bring this up by selecting a pokemon and pressing F2
Stats Sheet: View and edit the base and mod stats as well as combat stages from here
Moves Sheet: View and add moves from here.
*Move Info Frame: Displays a particular moves details as well as allowing you to permanently edit or delete the move(this is not centralised due to things such as technician). You can also roll temporary changes from here, useful for moves such as rollout or low kick.
Ability Sheet: View and edit abilities and capabilities from here clicking on individual items will give details about it.
Misc Sheet: Things like species, nature, type and egg group are here. *Note on natures: Changing them from here will automatically update bonuses to base stats if you change it directly in the token properties this will mess up the numbers.
HP, movement, level, evasion and defense stats are visible on all sheets.

Trainers sheets. Bring this up by selecting a trainer and pressing F3
Stats Sheet: View and edit the base, level and bonus stats from here. You can also roll your stats
Features Sheet: View, add and edit features. This will require user input.
Party Sheet: This displays the pokemon currently in your party. You may update the pokemon at anytime on the Pokemon Area map but it is important to note that this is based of the trainer location(a 2x3 area starting in the cell to the right of the trainer). Once this is done whenever you are on another map you may click on a pokemon and send it out(this will not work if two pokemon have the same name on the Pokemon Area map). Clicking a pokemon when it is on the same map as you will send it back to the Pokemon Area map.
Battle Sheet: Currently this just has a basic attack and initiative links. Currently there is no way for trainers to have pokemon moves.
Inventory Sheet: View your inventory and use items as well as view and edit your money.
HP, movement, level and evasion stats are visible on all sheets.[/spoiler]



Download maptool if you do not have it from [url]here[/url]
Run maptool with settings Max Mem: 1024 Min Mem: 512 Stack Size: 10(other settings may work but have not been extensively tested)
Open the campaign from maptool

Creating a new pokemon
Drag the image you want to use for the token onto a map
Right click and select Edit, then go to the Config tab. Change properties to Pokemon and hit ok.
With the token selected press F2 to open the pokemon sheet. Go to the Misc page and enter the pokemon's basic details such as name, species, nature and type.
Set it's level by clicking the level link under the image on the left and giving it the appropriate XP.
Go to the stat page and set it's base stats and any bonuses it may have(e.g. from breeder features) nature is already calculated.
Go to the moves page and add any moves it may have by clicking the add link for each move. If the move is in the book you may search the drop down list on the preset tab(make sure load preset is checked) if not enter it manually.
Then go to the abilities page and click the capabilities link to set movement speed, pow, jump and int as well as any additional capabilities. Finally add whatever abilities it has by clicking the ability link

Creating a new trainer
Drag the image you want to use for the token onto a map
Right click and select Edit, then go to the Config tab. Change properties to Trainer and hit ok.
With the token selected press F3 to open the trainer sheet.
Set the amount of pokemon seen and caught as well as other significant events that count towards levelling by clicking the level link under the image.
Go to the stat page and set your base stats(what you distributed at character creation) by clicking the base link. If appropriate add level and misc stat increases by clicking on the appropriate links.
Go to the features page and add any features you have by clicking the add link
Go to the inventory page and set your money by clicking the money link. As well as items, if receiving items for free set check use custom price and set custom price to 0.[/spoiler]

My GM who actually started the framework and provided plenty of testing, feedback and advice as well as a bit of coding. Not to mention ran the game.
The creators of the game for obvious reasons.
And Elemental Knight for kindly allowing me to use images for the example tokens. Get his full set here[/spoiler]

Mods: I hope this is what I'm meant to do with regard to adding a framework by posting here and reporting it for a move. If not, apologies. Also I didn't see any rules regarding links to other forums let me know if that's an issue and I'll remove them

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