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And then there were 2 ... i already posted LFM. Edit that to include losing everyone else ...

Grusome you said you had a friend who wanted to play? Contact him have him make a character.

We will do some jumping around ... i will turn this portion into Back Story for you and your friend.
You will be brought to the new world and we will go into Rune Lords.

[spoiler=]Logan will have turned out to be a Traitor ... the list of names you found on the Imperial agents is their contact list.
He was going to use you all to weaken the defensives of the Island ... for an Imperial Attack.

He would also attempted to kill Tristan but with Ayrannas help, Tristan kills Logan. You find both Tristan and Logan on the Floor (Tristans Sword in Logan).

From there Tristan is Nursed back to health in time to Marshal the town against the Invaders ... which would be the last time you see both Tristan and Ayranna as they fight till then end.

You would have been forced to flee but the storm catches up with you and sinks your ship ... shift to new world.[/spoiler]

Well you are all welcome back at any time should your situations allow.
Btw :P Chairforce boo! Marine Corps all the way!


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