Is it safe to update Java?

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Green Eyed Liar
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Is it safe to update Java?

Post by Green Eyed Liar »

I have tokentool-1.0b28. It looks like this is still the most recent version on the downloads page. If I update to Java 8, will my tokentool work?

It looks like maptool-1.3b91 will work with the new Java. I would like to update, if for no other reason than to get my computer to stop prompting me to do so all the time. But I am not super skilled with the computer, and would rather not have to mess with code or anything.

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Re: Is it safe to update Java?

Post by aliasmask »

There was a major change in how java 8 is accessed in windows. If your only concern is a java 8 nag to update (I'm not sure where that is coming from since I don't have that problem), then you can install java 8 and TokenTool should work. There are a couple of things in MapTool that may affect a framework (style sheets), but for the most part works well. You may have a "java update" tool installed that you can probably remove in the control panel to get rid of nag.

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Re: Is it safe to update Java?

Post by RPTroll »

Hopefully the MapTool issues were resolved with the 1.4 release (yay)
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