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Can't launch tool

Post by Dragonbelow »

So, I previously used the tool without issue but I recently had to reinstall windows and updated to 10 in the process. Currently, I have two issues. First, I can't seem to make the tool launch when downloaded because it didn't know the correct application association. I changed it to javaw and it doesn't work. Am I associating it with the wrong application? Second, I can't do the web launcher because java security blocks it. I've gone into the java configuration settings and added the URL to the exceptions list, but still no luck. I'd greatly appreciate and help/insight anyone could provide as I find this little tool very helpful. Thank you.

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Re: Can't launch tool

Post by Jagged »

If you re-install Java, it should sort out the file associations for you. When you go to get Java, make sure you get the 64bit version (I assume you are on 64bit Windows?) because the default page offers you 32bit. You have to hunt for the 64bit download.

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Re: Can't launch tool

Post by Craig »

emirikol found a solution to a very similar (probably the same) issue for maptool after moving to windows 10

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