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Multi Grid Sized Tokens

Post by KataH »

Please forgive me if this has been asked and answered many times but I am a total noob here and could not find what I was lookign for in search.

I love the TokenTool a lot but it seems that it only create a single square or single hex size token.
But I have creatures, animals, and other characters that are multi-hex in size. For example a horse, which in a GURPS games is 3 hexes long and 1 hex wide.
How do I create such a token in TokenTool?
I also have other creatures that may be 2 or 3 hexes wide by 2 or 3 hexes, and sometimes more, in length.
Can TokenTool make these?

Thanks for any help I can get.


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Re: Multi Grid Sized Tokens

Post by goldensword52 »

Yes and no. Token tool can make any shape you want if you use the right overlay. Most overlays are square, circular, or hexagonal, but you can make any shape. For example, here is an overlay for a 3 by 1 hexagonal token. If you go to "File>Manage Overlays" and drag and drop this in, you will be able to make a token that seems to be 3 by 1, although you will have to manually resize it if you want to use it maptool, and maptool does not support "weird" shapes well with snapping to grids. You can make similar token overlays for different sizes in paint or photoshop. So it is possible, but a little inconvenient.
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