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Opening Tokentools

Post by Merlin »

I have majorly f'd up.

I don't know why but when I double clicked on the tokentool file, it didn't open. But it popped up with a "Would you like to open with" along with some programs.

Well I clicked on that by misttake. Now the Tokentool jar file won't open as per normal and all it does it keep asking what file would I like to open it with if I keep telling it to try something else. Redownloading it doesn't help and maptool's jar is also effected.

I know this is more of a computer problem than Token/Map tools but someone help! I can't run games like this!

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Re: Opening Tokentools

Post by taustinoc »

The easiest way to fix this is to uninstall Java, and reinstall it. The Open With window should have Java on it, and there should be a checkbox for "Always use the selected program to open files of this kind." If that's not there, reinstalling Java is likely your only choice.

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Re: Opening Tokentools

Post by JamzTheMan »

Yea, most likey a java installation issue.

FYI, I started packaging TokenTool with my fork now, Java is all handled for you for both MapTool and TokenTool!
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