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Help Making Overlay

Post by CixrTyx »

Can somebody make me a simple circle overlay that is a transparency?
TokenTool comes with this overlay as a default and a Hex version of that, but I need a Circle one, I've tried to make it in GIMP and I don't even know how to draw a circle with that editor.
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Re: Help Making Overlay

Post by JamzTheMan »

If I get some time I may take a crack at it this week but if anyone else makes one, feel free to post and I'll add it to the TokenTool overlays.

Also, if you can post it in layers or in PSD format, that would be best.
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Re: Help Making Overlay

Post by Full Bleed »

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Re: Help Making Overlay

Post by aliasmask »

Here's my attempt.
Round Mask.png
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Transparent Round.png
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