Custom Overlays when you have no idea

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Custom Overlays when you have no idea

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I suck at everything computers and graphic imaging. I bought Game Glam - Portrait Frames 2 from Gabriel Pickard on Roll20 and want to use them with TokenTool but was having a very difficult time getting them to work. I figured it out, but considering I couldn't find instructions on how to do it, I thought I would share what I did here. I'm writing it down as much for myself as anyone else. This may not be the best, fastest, or most efficient way to do this, so feel free to scoff, correct, or lecture. I don't care, I got it to work.

The issues I had were, in order:

1 The image extended around the overlay. This is because you need a giant pink square around the image for TT to edit out via Witchcraft.
2 A giant pink square around the overlay. The image didn't cut through though! I think I got this because I didn't put the giant pink square in a different layer or something.
3 Most of the pink square was gone, but some pink remained in annoying and inconceivable places. I don't know why. Converting to a .psd file instead of a .png fixed it, though, so I don't care.

A couple of points. I ended up finding and using TokenTool 2.1, a mod on github by someone named JamzTheMan. This solves a problem with images only coming in at 100x100 pixels. Thank you Jamz, you are in fact The Man. Second, I used GIMP, not Photoshop.

Here's what I did:

1 Open GIMP
2 Drag overlay art into GIMP
3 Right click in the layer section (on the right panel, at the bottom) and select “add new layer”.
4 In the layer section, drag the new layer rectangle under the overlay art rectangle. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
5 While the new layer is selected, click on the color box things (on the left side, in the middle-ish).
6 Change the top three letter choices (R, G, and B) to the following: R: 255, G: 0, B: 255. You will need to do this for BOTH color boxes, I don't know why.
7 Use the Bucket Fill tool (on the left side panel, in the grid of icons, fifth row and final column, shaped like a bucket) to fill in the entire new layer with this ‘magenta’ color (it’s pink).
8 Using the Ellipse Select Tool (same grid, first row, second column) start selecting the inside of your round overlay (Use the Rectangle Select Tool for square or the Free Select Tool for anything else) until the round part inside the square part matches the inside circle of your overlay.
9 Then, stretch the circle part until it is just past the lip of your overlay image. Right click in this area and select ‘cut’.
10 Save the file then click ‘File’ and then ‘Export’. On the Export window, select the + next to ‘Select File Type’ and then select ‘Photoshop Image’. Choose where you want to save it.
11 Open TokenTool, click ‘File’ then ‘Manage Overlay’ and use the upload symbol to navigate to the saved photoshop file (.PSD) and upload.


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Re: Custom Overlays when you have no idea

Post by Phergus »

Did you not see the three pinned posts in this forum about how to create overlays for TokenTool?

In any case, what you did does work and using PSD files works better than fiddling with the transparency and getting the magenta boundaries correct.

BTW, Jamz is part of the RPTools development team and made both the 2.0 and 2.1 versions.

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