Wolph42's 'Drop-in' Bag of MT Tricks v.46 [DOORS]

These are tools and utilities that make it easier to run games. This includes Lib: macro tokens dropped into MapTool to manage the game, a conversion file for CharacterTool to allow use in MapTool, or just about anything else you can think of -- except graphics with macros and anything specific to a particular campaign framework. Those are already covered by the Tilesets subforum and the Links and External Resources forum.

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Re: Wolph42's 'Drop-in' Bag of MT Tricks v.46 [DOORS]

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NEW VERSION 46 1.5.14+ compatible (and earlier versions of 1.5)

New Features
- REMOVED TOKEN VBL FROM DOORS. Exchanged it for 'crack open door'. You can keep moving it further open if you want. For VBL you will have to use token vbl itself.
- Complete do over of the invisibility macros.
-- Players no longer 'own' the token if the can see a visible token.
-- added VBL check so you cant see an invisible token through a wall.
-- Also you can now set elevation for a token. The invisibility macros keep track of this when checking for range.
-- New macros buttons have been added to the bot panel and campaign panel.

- fixed Nildiks frame overview
- fixed assertion error (and added one) in crowd function
- added check in link animate view and clear assertion (order numbering mistake)
- fixed issue where moving of teleportsborder would execute another teleport.
- added invisibility use check to diagnose (breaks when turned on but states not defined.
- fixed several bugs in whisperframe and added 'keepitshort' var to whisperframe where you can set the max length of both player and character name as it shows up in the panel. this keeps things a bit more compact
- moved the linked triggermacros in ontokenmove a bit around so they are in context of ontokenmove.
- made whisperframe more compact, saving screen estate.
- got notebook and manual running again.

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