Universal Inventory System (API)

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Re: Universal Inventory System (API)

Post by ghalgor »

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I edit the macro - "Call inventory setup" to show "Equipment" and then the macro "location1",just like Raoden suggests but then when I run the "Call inventory setup" macro, I get a message that asks for a value for Equipment. If I then cancel this I get a message in the chat box - unresolved value "Equipment". If I enter a value (any value) it then allows me to continue.

I am placing the rptok into my campaign but if I play around in the supplied cmpgn file, I don't need to edit and it runs correctly without asking for the value for equipment. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Universal Inventory System (API)

Post by Simo74 »

Tweaking and creating an inventory for my campaign I have noticed that I can not enter more than one object in a specific slot.
Specifically, I created an inventory with more slots.
The slots are: Right hand, left hand, body, head, backpack.
I also created various objects and determined in which slots can be made.
In any case I can not assign more than one item per slot (for example in the backpack I'd like there were more items)
The macro I use to insert the objects in the slot is Call Dialog Character Equip.
Does anyone have any idea how to solve the issue?

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Re: Universal Inventory System (API)

Post by Soultroubadour »

Having the same problem as ghalgor- I have input the values for all of this stuff like 12 times but I still cant access it because those edits leave the value of 'equipment' unresolved. Is there anyone well versed in this drop in that can help me get it up and running?

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Re: Universal Inventory System (API)

Post by Soultroubadour »

The directions to this are kinda confusing and a couple people have asked me about it so I will attempt to shed some light on this. Here's what I did...

1-Drop the library token into your campaign and save- then reload it.

2-Go to 'Edit', 'Campaign Properties' and click the 'Token Properties' tab
*Add a property to the list that is the name of the inventory you would like to create. So one line of the token properties should just read something like-


Hit ok then exit that window. Check to make sure your tokens contain the new property...(you can make up to 4 of these)

3- Now on the library token there is a macro button called 'Call Inventory Setup'- Right-click, select Edit. In the script there is a line that says "inventory.location1()" with no quotes. Replace that with the name of the inventory yo would like to create *in quotations*...

so in the previous example the line-
[macro("Setup [email protected]:UniversalInventorySystem"): inventory.location1()]
would become
[macro("Setup [email protected]:UniversalInventorySystem"): "Equipment"]

4- select a the token you wish to modify and click 'Call inventory setup' and imput the names of the slots (separated by commas) and the types of items when prompetd. The last step is specifying which types of items can go in each slot...

5- when you finish inputting all of that info and hit ok- nothing happens- you have to modify the other buttons in the same way you modified the 'call inventory setup' button. The most important ones are 'call equip character' and 'call item editor' but there are apparently many other functions. Play around with them...

The directions say you only need to modify one macro but i believe that no longer works, possibly because of the version of maptool... In any case I have only been sucessful by manually modifying each macro i intend to use. Additionally If you would like to enable multiple inventories you will need to make the apprpriate interaction macros for each of them so keep that in mind.

And thanks to Pyronmancer2k for making this handy tool!

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Re: Universal Inventory System (API)

Post by Jwguy »

Tried to set up as per instructions, and just a bunch of permission errors appeared. Can't use.

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Re: Universal Inventory System (API)

Post by dontadow »

Is this still around for download?

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Re: Universal Inventory System (API)

Post by maddog »

I know this is a long dead thread, but since I was looking for the answer to the same question, I hope it's not out of place to post the answer: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=9152&start=30#p152390

(If the link doesn't work — don't know the limitations of the board, yet — it's on page 3 of the results. Azhrei posted direct download links.)

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