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Exalted Die Roller

Post by zend0g »

I am new to Maptools so I apologize for any stupid questions. Based on some others work here I have customized a dice roller for Exalted:

Code: Select all

[h: inputString="numDice|1| How many dice to roll?|TEXT"]
[h: inputString2 = "difficulty|7|Enter Difficulty|TEXT"]
[h: status=input(inputString,inputString2)]
[h: abort(status)]

[h: diceArray='[]']
[h: i=0]
[h, while(i <numDice), CODE:{
    [h: theRoll=1d10]
    [h: diceArray=json.append(diceArray,theRoll)]
    [h: i=i+1]

[h: diceArray=json.sort(diceArray)]

[h: txtResult='']
[h: numSuccess=0]
[h: numFail=0]
[h: numFumble=0]

[count(json.length(diceArray)), CODE:{
    [h: thedie=json.get(diceArray,roll.count)]
    [h,IF((thedie >=difficulty )&&(thedie <10 )),CODE:{
        [h: numSuccess=numSuccess+1]
        [h: color='green']
    [h,IF(thedie ==10),CODE:{
        [h: numSuccess=numSuccess+2]
        [h: color='green']
    [h,IF(thedie ==1),CODE:{
        [h: numFumble=numFumble+1]
        [h: color='red']
    [h,IF((thedie>=2)&&(thedie<difficulty)), CODE:{
        [h: color='black']
        [h: numFail=numFail+1]
    <font color=[r: color]> [r: thedie] </font>

[h,IF(numSuccess>0), CODE:{
    [h: txtResult=' Success!']
    [h: color='green']

[h,IF((numFumble>0)&&(numSuccess==0)), CODE:{
    [h: txtResult=' BOTCHED!']
    [h: color='red']

[h,IF((numFail>0)&&(numSuccess==0)&&(numFumble==0)), CODE:{
    [h: txtResult=' Failed!']
    [h: color='red']

<font color=[r: color]>[r: txtResult] ([r: numSuccess])

I have two questions:

One, sometimes the font tags work and sometimes they don't even if I hardcode them. Guessing it might be some other setting somewhere. They worked while I was working on the script, but not the next day when I restarted Maptools.

Two, this is nice, but is there a way to make the whole thing a private roll? The answer might not be so much a code change but rolling in a different chat channel or such?

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