Can DiceTool do "custom" sided dice?

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Can DiceTool do "custom" sided dice?

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Hello (new here) - Question: Can DiceTool do "custom" sided dice?

What I mean is: I'd like to be able to do things like --

a Die with four "sides" but the values run like [Zero, One, One, Two]

-- or perhaps a six-sider with values like [one, three, fish, stone, five, star]

ya know, weird stuff like that.

Can DiceTool do that? if so, how do I set it up?

If NOT, can anyone recommend a tool that can do that?
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Re: Can DiceTool do "custom" sided dice?

Post by smaudet2 »


In the Tab, enter 1d18, click roll. You will roll 1 18 sided dice.

You can have any variation you want, in fact you probably could do 100d1 or 100d2, which would be the equivalent of rolling one hundred 1 sided dice, or 100 two sided dice (if you're computing distributions I would apply the binary distribution instead of the normal one here).

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