I'd love to see results broken down

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I'd love to see results broken down

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Basically instead of just showing me the total I would really love to see the breakdown. So if I press "att(19)+STR+LVL+SW+2" I would love to see a result more like "20+4+2+1+2" in the ROLL column and "29" in the total column. That way I know everything is working right and can see every element of the roll.

I realize that I could instead use "att(19):STR:LVL:SW:2" to roughly achieve the same result but it takes up far more vertical space that way and besides, like I said, why just waste a column when using "att(19)+STR+LVL+SW+2" when you could have the individual numbers in the "ROLL" column and the total in the "TOTAL" column!

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