Minicampaign: Follow-Up & Sunday Prep

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Minicampaign: Follow-Up & Sunday Prep

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Since there's several paths you can take next, I'd like to have a short (1-2 hrs) session on Sunday at 9 PM EST for you to follow-up on your heist, learn some key info, and decide what to do next. Is that doable for everyone?

In the meantime, the Station Fiasco has already had repercussions...

That Night, Somewhere Else

"What do you mean, it exploded?!"

"That's what the guards reported. A horse spooked, the prisoners escaped, and then a cart of the fire crystals exploded... into bubbly foam..."

"That's not an explosion. If those crystals had exploded, there wouldn't be a station left. It sounds like someone poured liquor on them."

"A drunken worker, perhaps? Startled by the riot?"

"No. I suspect sabotage. One of my rivals, envious of my wealth."

"The guards did mention an angry noble yelling at them."

"Aha, see? Anything else about our guest?"

"He was escorted by three ladies, probably mistresses, one of them an albino. According to one of the passengers, the albino was carrying a crate with them as they left."

"He obviously incited the riot, sabotage the cart, and took the opportunity to pilfer some of my crystals! The knave... still, his status as a noble will make eliminating this problem tricky. Give me some time to ponder this..."
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