Campaign Repository File - ISP Hosting

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Campaign Repository File - ISP Hosting

Post by neofax »

1. Build your campaign with all of the assets/tokens/images you require.
2. Export the campaign by going to File-->Export-->Campaign Repository File. Save into a folder that is empty for ease.
3. Unzip saved file. You should now have a index.gz file and a folder called assets.
4. Open your favorite FTP program and connect to your ISP/webhosts FTP server and create a folder named the campaign. Upload the index.gz and assets folder into the folder you just created on your ISP/webhosts server. i.e.
5. In the menu, go to Edit-->Campaign Properties. Open the tab Repositories. In the input box type Then press the Add button and then the OK button.
6. Restart MapTool, load the campaign, and then start the server.
7. Pat yourself on the back as you now save bandwidth as most assets are pulled from your provider's server instead of yours!

Moderator's addition:

Auxiliary notes (numbers are related to the steps above):

3. The assets directory contains all of the images used in the campaign. That includes tokens, objects, backgrounds, tables, states, health bars, textures, and anything else graphical. The index.gz file is a list of all of those assets by asset id. This will appear to be a string of random text but it's actually the MD5 checksum of the data inside the file.

4. Make sure your FTP client is set to perform the upload in "binary mode". Hopefully your client will figure this out on its own, but if the upload is done in "text mode" then none of the images will be retrieved from the repository and you lose any advantage from having a repository.

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Re: Campaign Repository File - ISP Hosting

Post by CoveredInFish »

The index.gz AND the folder containing the images (both are created by "Campaign Repository File") must be placed in some public webspace. The resulting URL of index.gz must be entered in the campaign preferences.

If you load/reload the campaign now the players will automatically load the resources from the repository instead of from your mt server.

You probably wont recognize changed behaviour other than a speed-up.


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