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Re: 91.08 Pathfinder + D&D3.5 Framework

Post by popanas »

I've edited the content.xml directly for the last spot. I had to modify a lookuptable called SysLocale

It's working fine now.

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Re: 91.08 Pathfinder + D&D3.5 Framework

Post by Dougal »

Love this framework and hope it never completely stops working (altho it may need an overhaul at this point lol). But can someone point me in the right direction for adding the PF critical/fumble cards to the diceroll? IE after the attack is made it automaticly shows it? been doing it manually but would like to add it to the autoroll

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Re: 91.08 Pathfinder + D&D3.5 Framework

Post by lmarkus001 »

popanas wrote:
Sat Apr 04, 2020 6:48 pm
I'm working with your framework for my campaign, but I have custom skills for the characters, anyway I can edit the skills? I have no experience in Maptool macroing and the only way thus far that I've found to change the skill names is to edit the XML directly, which is clearly a bad way of doing things.
Skills are some of the gnarlier bits of this framework. But if you wish to change some, I would start with the Edit Globals macro. In it will be a list of the skills that are referenced for the particular ruleset (D&D vs PF) you are using. With that you can tweak some skill information. BUT that references a couple of other Tables that have the rules description and other stuff. Also there are differing types of skills, some are subsets like Perform(wind).

It is designed to be flexible but horribly complicated lol.

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Re: 91.08 Pathfinder + D&D3.5 Framework

Post by Poe Black »

Allright, I found two bugs dealing with extra critical damage, and managed to fixed one.

The first one is that you can only add a roll to extra crit damage when you are editing weapons. adding 18 won't add the damage. but 18d1 will. I found this when I was trying to stat in the proper damage from the mythic power attack feat.

The second bug is that when you critically threaten, the extra crit damage is added to both the crit damage, and the non crit damage. I manage to fixed this and I figured I'll share the fixed macro. The macro this code is in is called libAttack.sub on the Lib:libDnD35Pathfinder token. (it's the second purple macro in the Combat group)

Attack with the glitch

Attack after fix

what I did was remove the DmgExtraCrit.total from line 306.

Code: Select all

[H: extraDamage = DmgExtra.total + DmgExtra2.total + sneak.total + vitalStrike.damage]
and added the value to line 309

Code: Select all

[H, if(isThreat): critDamage.total = Damage.value + critDamage.value + (damageBonus * WpnCritMult) + crit.tempDMG.total + tempDMG.total + extraDamage + DmgExtraCrit.total; critDamage.total = 0]
doing this caused the damage to show up in the total damage, but not in the tooltip. in order for the tooltip to show properly I added these two lines of code at line 322.

Code: Select all

[H: extraDamage=extraDamage+DmgExtraCrit.total]
[H, if(extraDamage): extraDamage.string = strformat(" + %{extraDamage}"); extraDamage.string = ""]
this fix works with the attackDialog, Attack(frame), and Mass Attack macros
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