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Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:45 pm
by masterclif
Killing Intent - Secret organization that specializes in locating, sequestering, destroying, and monitoring powerful magical information. Their operations have included assasinations of anyone who knows how to perform powerful rituals that cause harm to others. If a person is too powerful to kill, they usually dedicate a member to being a close friend or straight up kidnap a family member as hostage. Children obtained, through either kidnapping or scouted from members, are trained to join the organization.

Siron Kchuch Crusaders - An organization that is known for healing those in need and their military. Their symbol is a circle of entwined laurel leaves around a star. Worshipers tend to include Cleric, Fighter, Monk, Paladin. Currently engaged with the forces of Rhyserrechtebertos. Rhyserrechtebertos is a silver dragon that their god's emissary has told them is actually a shape-shifted white dragon named Portothrael.
- Two branches
- - Practical
- - - The ones without the power of their god.
- - - Raise in ranks through experience and talent.
- - - G. Melly - Male Human Fighter - Leads the Practical branch of the Crusaders. Brother to M. Kelly.
- - - Kortulban Donressendath - Female Bronze Dragonborn Fighter - Specialist in ranged weapons tactics. Wields one of the newly developed guns called Lightningbreath. Lightningbreath is a +3 scattergun that has been enchanted to imbue it's shots with lightning and the bane effect(Wisdom save for one round). Once per day, it can also do an attack that applies all damage and affects in a cone(roll to hit separately for each target).
- - - Spear Captain Ivan Medvedev - Male Battlemaster Human Fighter - Teaches those with promise. Wields the Sun Blade and holds a +3 Shield.
- - - Recruiter Isaac Brander - Male Human Bard - One of the recruiters for the force. Uses his magic to put up large recruitment posters in the sky, uses Clairvoyance to spy on any threats he may perceive, can forcibly change short memories to suit his needs. Disguises himself to create negative propaganda against his enemies. His hobbies include fun marching cadences that motivate troops and insult the enemy, carving small wooden figures, and practicing his swordsmanship.

- - Crusader
- - - Abilities granted by god.
- - - Raise in ranks over time.
- - - M. Kelly - Male Human Cleric - Leads the Crusader branch of the Crusaders. Brother to R. Kelly.
- - - Prazak Scalehunter Aljislan - Male Goliath Zealot Barbarian - While not able to cast divine spells, the touch of the divine is unmistakable. When he shouts, energy of his patron shines on the battlefield to give all of his allies advantage to attacks and saving throws. Prazak speaks softly, a man of few words.
- - - From Bunter Sunkick - Male Sun Soul Monk - Channels the divinity of his god with his feet. From has risen in the ranks over time, and his ability to create bursts of radiant energy on the battlefield has given him his Sunkick nickname.
- - - Kirk Namen Viol - Male Human War Cleric - Joined the group with his sister Betty, their teamwork inspires those around them to greater heights. Their occasional arguments have provided entertainment on many a bleak night. The siblings have a reckless attitude.
- - - Betty Triven Viol - Female Human War Cleric - Joined the group with her brother Kirk, their teamwork inspires those around them to greater heights. Their occasional arguments have provided entertainment on many a bleak night. The siblings have a reckless attitude.
- - - Bourbon "Bear" Medvedev - Male Dwarf Werebear Life Cleric - Dedicated healer in a unit. Good hearted dwarf that could also drink everyone under the table, except for the unit leader, whom he is dedicated to following. Nickname stems from the time that he got so drunk, he appeared to look like a small bear at some point between bars. His lycanthropy is kept secret from all but Captain levels and above.
- - - Artyom - Male Human Paladin - Scout for Recruiter Isaac Brander. He's helped eradicate a kobold infestation in town, and then followed them to their home to finish the job. He's been corrupted by the very forces he has been fighting. Fearing he might turn on his friends, he left them to look for a cure through prayer.

Rhyserrechtebertos - A mature adult male silver dragon who has amassed a small army of humans, elves, silver dragonborn, and a small amount of silver kobolds. Due to so many following him, he is listed here as an organization. His history is fill with him helping supplicants that pledge their lives to him. His significant events include teaming up with the City of Held to stop a lich when he was young, assisting in defense against an invading army in Lancaster, and the main advisor to a gnomish king.
- Anna Cook - Female Human Bard - High Cook of the great silver dragon. Hers skills are so well known that she is rumored to be able to create a feast using a couple of eggs and a slice of bread. She took on her current name when she dedicated herself to Rhyserrechtebertos in exchange for preventing her city from starving during a seven year drought.
- Venerousis - Male Elf Wizard - Longest living friend of Rhyserrechtebertos. Cast out of his city due to an unfortunate wizardry experiment. The experiment was to create a mass effecting spell that would purge all minds of magical influences. It went haywire, and mind wiped most of the animals in a large portion of the city. He tried living alone for fifty years, but could not handle the isolation. His agreement with Rhyserrechtebertos was to no longer be alone, and his price was to stay and help protect those who have also dedicated themselves to the silver dragon.
- Hlern - Male Silver Dragonborn Barbarian - His rages were out of control, and he was a danger to himself and his family. The agreement made with Rhyserrechtebertos was to learn how to control his impulses and gain in skill, in exchange for being a personal guard of a certain silver dragon's protectorate.
- Snapperclamp - Female Silver Kobold Fighter - When an unfortunate birthing accident rendered her barren, she came to Rhyserrechtebertos seeking a way to heal her injuries. The silver dragon helped her in exchange for whatever she held most dear in her life, which turned out to be a doll in the shape of a kobold. Hearing this, the rest of Snapperclamp's clan soon followed and pledged their lives to the 'great silvered dragongod'. The kobolds dedicated themselves to keeping the areas free of pests, cleaned Rhyserrechtebertos's rooms(except for the treasure rooms), and became known as the 'silly little things' that did not make messes. Over the next few years, the scales of the kobolds would all turn silver under the magical influence of the silver dragon.
- Hale Bareback - Male Gnome Dual Weapon Ranger - Is usually out scouting the mountain range looking for possible traces of incursion. Uncomfortable staying at one place at one time for very long, he doesn't like being at home base for more than a week or two before needing to get away from everybody. He came to this mountain range in search of a direction in life.
- Lorai Windseeker - Female Elf Diviner - Uses her scrying abilities to search places identified as troublesome. She spends the time she isn't scrying researching spells. The only one who can get her away from her books seems to be her boyfriend Brick. Came to this mountain range to access the spells that the dragon had been, correctly, rumored to horde.
- Brick Nogat - Male Goliath Rogue - He spends his time making equipment that isn't arms nor armor and is made of metal. His locks are intricate, his traps are complex, and his pastries are divine. He likes his work with metal, but it is when he is home baking that he can truely unwind and relax. Also loves to go out on hikes with his girlfriend Lorai. Came to this mountain range due to him not fitting in with his original goliath tribe.
- Brigitte Angrweld - Female Human Fighter - Came to the mountain in search of a fighting style she could call her own. Her answer came not from the dragon, but from a kobold named Snapperclamp. Together, the two duel each other on a monthly basis, to prove to themselves and others that their skills can grow. When not training, she tends to sit outside and watch people go by. Makes up small stories about each one as they walk past.
- Justin Zeit - Male Human Lore Bard - He came to represent the dragon and helps out with any legal issues needed. He used to be a guard until he lost his leg and decided that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks to make something of himself. His life is dedicated to knowing all laws in the world. His wife and two adult children keep him going.
- Pas Zeit - Female Human Rogue - Followed her husband, Justin, to the mountain and uses her knowledge in physical training to coach kids for various physical activities until they decide and occupation for themselves. Her two children, now grown, gave her ample teachings in the way of patience and understanding.
- Brauch Zeit - Female Human Bard - One of two difficult children, she didn't find her way in life till well after adulthood. She discovered a talent for painting, sculpting, and other visual arts. This new talent drives her to master them, and she has starting producing sellable products recently.
- Kauf Zeit - Male Human Rogue - Growing up watching his parents trying various techniques to save money, Kauf took that information and ran with it. Turning it into a mail delivery service that spans multiple cities and has a reputation for fair deals. His reputation is partly due to giving bribes to certain influencial customers. What his father accomplishes through hard work, Kauf uses outside inflence and money to get results.
- Travelors - A group that is assigned the task of going out in the world to find wrongs that Rhyserrechtebertos can right, and to gather information about the changing world.
- -*Gibla Snishu - Female Silver Kobold Monk - Teaches select people the beginnings of martial arts and the ways of harnessing the arcane in it's implementation.
- - Queek Sunspeaker - Male Silver Kobold Monk - He was sent to investigate the rising power of a kobold group near the port city of Held. Was captured and made to work metal for them.
- - Poronisouvis - Male Silver Dragonborn Diviner - Uses the guise of a traveling scholar to gain connections around the world.
- - Loric Rocksounder - Male Dwarf Ranger - He is tasked with searching the mountains east of Held to find a path through them and the rest of the forgotten land beyond.

Targa's Associates - A thief and assassin guild run by Targa.
- Targa - Half-orc that doesn't like to be reminded of his orc heritage. Goes to great lengths to hide the proof, despite his penchant for physical violence.
- Seconds in Command
- Zenthis - Male Gnome Wizard - Keeps an eye on the day to day operations in the form of scrying. Specializes in scrying, illusions, and enchantments.
- Pola - Female Tabaxi Alchemist - Brews the poisons for the guild. Always seen with a drink in one hand, and slightly tipsy. Lost an eye to an unfortunate fall down the stairs, and not punishment for making a lethal poison when a sleeping draught was needed.
- Krith - Male Halfling Rogue - In charge of personel, and personally handles the most important assassinations.

Geier Stamm - Tribe of orcs, humans, and half-orcs that populate the western end of the desert.
- Sabel - Male Sand Giant - Leader of the Geier Stamm - Unable to be content in his hidden village, Urog joined the Desert Vulture Tribe to the east of the desert. He quickly rose to the rank of leader by killing the current one, and then led the tribe to victory a number of times against caravans, and even a passing dragon. He has two weapons that he likes to use. A large sized scimitar(greatsword stats) rumored to have magical properties, and a long feather called a sand blaster which could disable groups of opponents at a time. He's only ten feet tall, but weighs 2,000 lbs.
- Log - Male Orc Barbarian - Tired of his tribe, and just wants to make a cabin the the woods, while helping those who pass by.

Moradin's Sonnlinor - Ancient smiths dedicated to their craft with Moradin's blessing. Decimated when the Lich attacked so many years ago, and have not come out of their hiding since. The three remaining smiths are constantly making more armor, weapons, and magical items.
- Poch Sonnlinor - Male Dwarf Smith - His mark is the front of an anvil.
- Fehn Sonnlinor - Female Dwarf Smith - Her mark is the back of an anvil.
- Brant Sonnlinor - Warforged Smith - His mark is a hammer.
- Rompaign Sonnlinor the Undying - Female Drow Cleric of Moradin - Makes sure the smiths are undesturbed during their most holy work.

*Zanne's Mercinaries - Most famous for taking out the dreaded Ubermintion. Also responsible for faction of red kobolds in the city, trying to make peace with them. Failed to get the Naga to being friendly. Currently in town warning people about an incoming invasion from beyond the plane.
- - Zanne - Human Swordmage. Leader of the group. Meepo never leaves her side. She was a warlock till an incident with a certain magical artifact. Also cursed with lycanthropy, but it's under control for now.
- - Meepo - Brown kobold Warlord. Captured by Zanne and later joined the party of his own will.
- - Ailwin - Male Elf Ranger with a water greatbow. Looking for Trist, a previous member who is a wilden Druid in disguise.
- - Trist - Animal companion of Ailwin. Believed to be a young bear due to her size. Actually a druidic elf. Missing.
- - Arak - Dragonborn Sorcerer. Joined the group midway through it's life. Tends to act as role model for Rales.
- - Zero - Human Monk. Recently joined the party. Charge first and ask later is this one's motto.
- - Mero Varissi - Human Artificer. Recently joined the party. Spends his time making magical equipment for the mercenary group.
- - Makaria - Pyromaniac Sorcerer. She hangs out with the group, and spends most of her time honing her aim.
- - Recruits
- - - *Prinkle Fieldswallow - Male Tabaxi Fighter - Wizards, am I right? Prinkle was born in Bronic's Town, a city on Ziberit that grew up around a wizard's tower for protection. Prinkle's family was a militaristic one. They have been leaders of the guard for fifty years at this point. Prinkle had a bright future ahead of him as a guardsman. In the middle of nowhere. As a guard who goes nowhere. It was no wonder he left. How he winded up in Held is anyone's guess, as he will tell you a dozen tales about how he got there. His tales are as numerous as the spot on his fur. For some reason, he wanted to join Zanne's Mercenaries. She didn't want him. He had a reputation as being a sneak, as being someone who wouldn't tell the truth. As being someone who liked to bed everything that moved. But he didn't stop trying. She would decline, and he would be back the next day. She would throw him out, and then he would get into her planning room. She would smack him around in reprisal, and he would come back the next day. Over and over, she would tighten the room from intrusion and he would bypass it. Finally, she had enough and proposed him work under her so that she could have some peace.
- - - *Bran "The Hand" Froalie - Human Procurement Officer - Bran grew up a slave in Lakaj Point. Growing up, he found he had quick hands, and quicker feet. He began to stockpile clothing, food, and other items. Eventually he made the mistake of pickpocketing the wrong visiting personage. It turned out to be Ailwin, of Zanne's Mercenaries. Ailwin tracked down the person who stole his money pouch, and Bran's item horde was discovered. As apologies, the slave owner promised to have Bran executed. Ailwin asked to purchase the slave instead, and thus Bran's ownership was transferred. Ailwin took Bran to Held, claimed he was free, and offered him training in their group. Having spent his whole life as a slave, Bran knew he would not survive on his own, and accepted the offer.
- - - *Srick Goodfare Forkwrench - Female Gnome Favored One - She grew up in New Held with the adopted Folgareth von Tilamok. Was a bit on the wild side. Whenever Folgareth became too much of a fuddy duddy, she would take him on a swift and totally legal adventure. When she became too loose and free, Folgareth would provide a stabilizing hand. The duo eventually travelled to Held looking for work, and it was here that she was drawn to the teachings of Moradin. In the meantime, Folgareth seemed to find an extended family in Zanne's Mercenary group. She eventually joined this group as well, "to keep him from being boring."
- - - *Folgareth von Tilamok - Male Bronze Dragonborn Archer - Grew up in New Held. Heavily scarred as a child, he never knew how his family died when he was four. He does know how his new family lived, as he was adopted by friends of the family soon after. Him and Srick Goodfare Forkwrench became thick as thieves growing up. His grounded nature seemed a perfect counter to her never-ending lust for danger. They went to Held together to get away from the some debtors that Srick managed to upset. It was here that Folgareth heard about Zanne's Mercenary group. His demonstratable marksmanship got him into the group, and he convinced his best friend Srick to join as well.

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by masterclif
Going to be honest here: I'm a bit sleep deprived. Some of the creations are jokes that were made because the concept made me giggle.

Mossmount Horses are known for the waved green patterns in the short coat, and hooves which are slightly finned shape. This provides better propulsion in the water(swim speed slightly better than half normal horse speed).

Horned Rabbits are a new addition to the wilds around a swamp near Held. They are much, much bigger than a normal rabbit, with the females being bigger still. Horns adorn their heads.

Figaliz is a strange half-insect half-lizard that bears a poisonous spike at the end of it's tail. It's body resembles a centipede, but is covered in scales instead of carapce and moves on eight legs. The fangs are abnormally long. Teritorial by nature, they tend to be encountered solo or as a short term mated pair.

Tumbleweed is rumored to be the unintentional creation of a wizard trying to make sentiant and mobile bushes. Something encountered in the desert, and about as threatening as an actual tumble weed.

Potastrophe is the reason you should wash your pots after using them. What was a never cleaned pot in the corner was modified by trickster to become a large tentacled beast whose only desire is to feed you into it's boiling maw.

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by masterclif
Lancaster NPCs

Valira Jewels - Female Half-Elf Rogue - She built little knick nacks during her library stay. Taught another some skill in it as well. Improved the locks of the library in exchange for access to rare reading materials. Disappeared one day, and nobody thought twice about it. Had a relationship with the person she taught, but they had an age gap, and it didn't come to much before she was gone. Spell to prevent people from thinking too much about her? Or she did something that got her banished so thoroughly that nobody would speak of it.

Merliir - Male Halfling Ranger - Still in the process of learning what being a ranger means, Merliir is exploring the wilderness with Snout, his bear companion. Discovered a dryad recently, he is currently under it's training to be a defender of the woods around the tree.

Defenders Point NPCs
*Marty McSwim - Human Male Council Member - Youngest council member. Idealist who shows enthusiasm and known to support bold proposals that bring justice to the enemy.
*Ol' Rockgnasher - Male Orc Council Member - Oldest council member. Wizard who specializes in life necromancy. He tends to stay near the border to bolster moral and raise any fallen heroes. It is considered an honor to continue fighting after death.
*Bunksy Cobblepot - Female Halfing Council Member - Council member. Diplomat who works with her husband to prevent hostilities as much as possible. Likes to paint landscapes in her spare time.
*Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot - Male Halfling Member - Council member. Diplomat who works with his wife to aquire resources that cannot be gathered natively. He is an avid reader of fiction involving detective novels.
*Runwomp Cuffonyx - Female Gnome Defence Leader - She worked her way up from grunt, using her wits and strength to win victories and climb the ranks. Her nickname is the Platinum General due to her adamantine fullplate and weapons being enchanted to look like they were made from platinum.

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by masterclif
Ghortune Powderhand - Male Rock Gnome Fighter - A scholar of the College of Progress. He spent a lot of his life there. In exchange for metal working, Ghortune received access to the library. It was here that he stumbled upon an intriguing book. It implied that black powder had more uses than just metal working and nonmagical visual puffs of smoke. It described a few ways to build mechanisms to channel forces, using the powder as a propellant instead of magic or bowstring. After a reading it over and over again, for several weeks, Ghortune started to build one. It was discovered during an accident during ammunition creation, when some of it went off in his face. Ghortune was subsequently expelled from the College of Progress for using the knowlege of the library in order to make articles of war. He has gone from city to city, trying to establish himself outside the long arms of the College of Progress, finally to find himself with an adventuring group named Yowates. Yowates was formed to keep a city free of monsters, and had a promising start. The group quickly found the source of the attacks: A human named Count Nort. Thinking this Count Nort was just one man, they strode through the forest surrounding his territory and were ambushed. Large wolves, large rats, wererats. The group was quickly overrun. Ghortune fell.
Twenty four hours later, he woke up among the bodies of his comrades. What must have been their dried blood, all over his body, across his throat. Ghortune managed to retreat, with his vow of avenging the Yowates taking top priority. Many years passed and he found himself in the port city of Held. The dwarf took up his old task of blacksmithing and locksmithing both. Eventually taking on a business partner named Parn Tessius. With that business partner, came Etoh. Etoh is Ghortune's apprentice.
Having an apprentice has freed up Ghortune to make the deliveries himself and spy out any weaknesses Count Nort may have. What he found only made things worse. Count Nort is a powerful vampire! However, it has also given him time to create firearm parts. He has various barrels, hilts, and pieces of ammo. They haven't been able to fit like he remembered, and will take further developement to implement.
Ghortune's gun is etched with the rolling hills of the area around the College of Progress. His maker's mark is an open book behind a fist.

Wizard: Kunp Knicker Bertolomew Knivesstickflesh - Gnome Wizard - Illusionist that looks for lost tombs of forbidden knowledge.
Rogue: Tazeek Rajeek - Tibaxi Rogue - She was hired as scout, and stayed for the influx of wealth. Her moods swing, and the interests that drive her change weekly.
Paladin: Gunthar Bantam - Gold Dragonborn Paladin - Follower of Bahamut. He leads the party, and formed them to right the wrongs of the world. Black Dragonborn corrupted into whatever paladin is evil.
Barbarian: Baest - Half-Orc Barbarian - He fights for his people. The wealth and status gained is all geared towards making the land his people roam, theirs.

Parn Tessius - Human Business partner who takes care of finances. Grew up in the same city Ghortune has been working at.
Etoh Tessius - Human Apprentice blacksmith. Grew up around Ghortune's forge.
Gronk Rahz - Orc city guard - His grandfather helped Ghortune set up shop, and Ghortune has helped his family for generations, giving them a head start on weapons training. Gronk may have started out being taught by Ghortune, but he has taken it to a higher level with a greataxe made by Ghortune for his coming of age gift.

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by masterclif
The Pewpews - A mercenary group lead by an elf named Manndir Camosky. They tend to get results, thought the means can involve other bystandards.
- Manndir Camosky - Female Wood Elf - Ranger. Manndir has known very little in her life to be normal. Living a life on the run after her family being betrayed the only norm she had with her family was not staying any place for more than a fortnight. She met up with the party after getting a lead that they were to clear a kobold lair. She arrived late to the lair as they were encountering the last of the kobolds and a dragon appeared from a portal. She help stave them away earning the groups trust. Little did she know that one of the group members had stowed away a young kobold. When they returned to town Manndir was the only one who could speak to this kobold, the group named Lil'Jimmy, and quickly they became inseparable. This lead Manndir to the biggest norm she's ever had and that she could count on the party. Many members came and went. Some gave there lives so the others could go on. As time went on the group needed a leader and Manndir was volunteered for this role. At first she didn't want it but soon realized that she was fit for it. She along with the party commissioned the creation of an airship and while building it they had to encounter an elemental. During this fight a party member had perished. Being in the new leader role she felt responsible. This has led her to take a step back and lead the party from the town. To help heal the wounded so the party could go on. To help ensure The Pewpews had work. And importantly to do what Zane always told her never to do...Paperwork. She aspires to be like Zanne: a fearsome trusted leader.
- - Lil'Jimmy - Female Blue Kobold Bard - A young kobold of an attacking tribe, a group of adventurers stormed in, knocked her out, and killed the rest of the tribe. Not a normal kobold either. Her tribe had been somehow corrupted. Demeanor, form, and even scale color had changed. The most changed in the tribe was a sleek demonic looking brown kobold. Lil'Jimmy was born brown, the taint having already worked on her. Her growth was stunted, her health was low, and she couldn't seem to grow into adulthood, even though she was about old enough. She never knew the group had killed her tribe. Just about the misdeeds the tribe had committed. Clinging to Manndir, her only pillar of support, Lil'Jimmy continued to grow as a person. Learning to trust outsiders, slightly. Learning when not to play childish tricks on others. It wasn't until recently that her corruption was purged. Manndir had found a way to do it, and with the help of Zanne, they scoured her body of the corruption that had been there since her time in the egg. Reincarnation was used, and the color of her tribe was brought to her scales as blue. She grew several inches. Her abilities matured. Her power doubled. While not as powerful as the rest of the group, she uses her healing and spell abilities to enhance those around her.
- Urist - Male Dwarf Forge Cleric - Urist is a follower of Moradin. He joined The Pewpews during a time when the group was going out to rescue a missing swamp druid. On the way back, the group defended him while he made a tribute to Moradin. With that action, they had his loyalty for life. Rynal's constant efforts to do what is right, despite certain set backs, formed a strong bond between the two.
- Rynal Griel - Male Scourge Aasimar - Pyromancer. Rynal is a trial of fire. While young his parents were burned in a fire, and became obsessed with the control of it in response. Then, just a few years later, he and his twin sister were kidnapped by people who wanted to bring out rare magics. His attunement with fire was accelerated to a violent degree. His subsequent escape and rescueing his twin sister Kayla surprised the kidnappers. Leaving Kayla in a safe haven, Rynal left to lead the evil away. His evolution has been reactionary. He moved around constantly, discovered Zanne's group, formed a bond with Urist. Almost died numerous times with them. His sister tracked him down, and lead the surviving kidnappers straight to him. Fights ensured, leaving Rynal burned inside and out. His recovery is a long one. He wields a spear created by Urist and him together. The metal shaft is covered in runes of protection and fire. His tip looks like a flame frozen in time. When power is channeled through it, magic is boosted. It also has the ability to shoot an intense blue beam of fire from it's tip.
- Kayla Griel - Female Human Life Cleric - Follows her twin brother around. Her story was told with Rynal's for the most part. Instead of fire, she found faith in Sune. Where Rynal found rage, Kayla found compassion. Her faith prevented the kidnappers from doing anything to her, though she was still used as a threat to Rynal. Not happy being left in a safe haven alone, she followed Sune's whispers. It lead her to a silver dragon that was at war with a group of misguided paladins. With her service, she gained specially made red dragon scale plate armor. As Kayla was traveling to see Rynal, she was teleported the remaining boat ride to defend him. Rynal's demeanor changed around her, becoming more gentle and understanding. For this is Kayla's inner power: to pacify the rage of others.
- *Forge - 'Male' Warforged Artificer - A living construction of wood and metal. Built by the aging wizard (Apherish) in her attempt to make herself immortal.It was one of the last made and the only one to achieve sentience. Apherish spent many years trying to repeat this as she believed it would bring her closer to her goal. She taught it many things to assist her in her research, sometimes being sent out to retrieve herbs, ores, or other magical artifacts. After awhile though nothing came of her research into immortality. Left with nothing it wandered for awhile unsure of what its new purpose should be. After being spotted by a member of the Guild and taken back to be studied they realized that it was truly alive, and the work that it could accomplish, it was hired on as a worker. Tired of always being referred to as "the golem" it decided to give itself a name. Forge, it decided because it enjoyed making things. Forge worked there for many years. When it wasn't making thing it was practicing its combat with the golems in remembrance of its old purpose. His goal is to become a true hero some day.
- *Dorsi Nilicai - Male Human Sorcerer - His parents were explorers in a city that had none. One day, they found a pack of cards, and drew one. This sealed their fate. An arch demon became their enemy and ten years of torture happened before Dorsi's parents died. Following stray clues, he found the an occult group called the Abishai Vangaurd. They forged weapons from demon bones and trained him in their use. However, they could not do much more than minor magical bonuses...Except for Dorsi's weapon. It was intelligent. It hinted at power and fueled his desire for revenge. Through times with the party, Dorsi found out the truth behind his sword: It belonged to the right right arm of a former archdevil called Rimmon. Together with the party, they managed to defeat Rimmon, though at great cost. Dorsi lost his warlock powers and became infused with Rimmon's demonic energy.
- *Zach Lorea - Male Half-Elf Rogue - Raised by his mother, Zach learned of life suffusing all things. His upbringing taught him stealth and survival, but was unable to learn the magic that was inherent in life. His talents were to be found in hunting criminals and collecting bounties to create animal preserves. A favor to a friend had him joining the party.
- *Solaire - Male Wood Elf Sun Monk - He never did feel connected to his brethren. Joining the Killing Intent, an organization dedicated to watching over magic that threatened countries, gave the monk what he needed to succeed. Through fist and foot, he found his aptitude, but it still was not enough. So as soon as he was strong enough, his teachers sent him on a path of discovery. To wonder the continent, search for magics to report in about, and find his focus. The end of these wanderings lead to a cave at the top of Mt. Solaire. A single spot that the light of the sun would shine at all times in it's center. Meditating here, he unlocked the mysteries of the sun and became able to generate the light on his own. When not meditating, he spent his time working to decipher strange script carved into the mountain. His time on the mountain earned the respect of the local tribes of goblinoids. Eventually, the secrets of the strange language was unlocked. It was in a crazed Ancient Deep Speech, which isn't even supposed to have a written language of it's own. It tells of power inside the mountain, and a great energy that is waiting for something to happen. Solaire reported this to the Killing Intent, and they sent him to join the party, gain their trust, and use it to find out what this great energy is supposed to be. As a cover, the monk took the name of Solaire.

New Recruits
- - Ropenthia Sooperall - Female Elf Wizard - Blond hair, brown eyes. Wears a modest gown and slippers. Evoker. Specializes in Thunder and Lightning magics. She studied her whole life for magic. Cut all ties with family, friends, lovers. There is only the magic. Straight A student. Jealous of the rest as they formed cliques, hung out, laughed. Hobbies include reading, scribing, art, dance. Entire family works in different parts of the government. Has an infatuation with The Pewpews.
- - Benherder Ungesalt - Male Dwarf Fighter - Brown beard, bald head, brown eyes. This dwarf wears half plate and a thick leather apron in front of it with a logo bearing a chisel hitting a stone. He had been a stone mason all his life, but recent events have inspired him to drop everything and apply to The Pewpews.
- - Clarid the Red - Male Dwarf Conjurer Wizard - Red haired dwarf that likes to say what he summons has more of a soul than him. While he is advanced for his abilities, it has been due to his constant one on one duels with others. He's not good at speaking to others, and hopes to join The Pewpews to be more comfortable around people.
- - *Nipors Apherish Rocral
Dapper gentleman machine man of wood and steel with several odd pipes, buttons, and small levers scattered throughout his body. His pet, a mechanical boar-like creature of metal and rivets named Humbaba, tends to go with him, but is also known to leave from time to time for adventures unknown.
Nipors came here because he heard of Forge and wishes to know more about this other warforged. While doing so, he is in need of money to provide proper living environment. Since Forge works with the guild, he decided he would as well. People seem to cheer up whenever he is around, and has offered to train people in the art of proper behavior. While he does not approve of violence at the drop of a hat, "there are times when a proper gentleman must insure that evil does not prevail."

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A monk's thoughts on the goblinoids surrounding and under Mt. Solaire:
- Manslayer was the biggest of the hobgoblins that he'd ever seen, not too bright in the head, always fueled with rage, which made it sort of fun to blast him with sunlight or kick him in the throat to shut him up and just talk to him about all the recent nerdy discoveries or theories as he'd slowly recuperate. It was torture, hearing Solaire's ravings, without being able to crawl back to his den, being forced to lie there, half-concious for hours. But Solaire never thought of it as morally dubious, since it was Manslayer who kept coming back, stronger each time, trying to kill him.

- Shred had all the strength of Manslayer but none of his rage. Every now and then Solaire could force out an angry rebuttal, and even more rarely, he'd actually make a valid point or provide some information of actual value. As a slightly calculating hobgob boss, he wasn't a peach to be around with, but Solaire saved some of his response-inducing topics for whenever Shred would lead a raid on him.

- Edge was the conniving kind, always fun to talk to, but Solaire had to remain on his toes, for if he was not careful, Edge would find an opening in his ideas and try and break them down, since he was no match for Solaire physically, he was hoping he could break him spiritually. It was always a mental effort from both of them, always trying to one-up each other with arguments. Often, Shred would come by, armed with new word-cutting techniques. He was his one true frienemy, since neither had a love for the other but always found the other to be a tool to sharpen their teeth and claws on. And sometimes, it felt nice, having this connection.

- Lurch was an actual undead half-ogre that they'd manage to reign into their service as nothing more than a transport mule. Once Solaire has proved to be an unstoppable force, they'd send him to deliver the heavier supplies his way. It wasn't a pretty sight, but it kept his stay there mentally stimulating enough, what with all the variance and all.

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*Everything is new here
Area of the Crystal Lake
Kosmimma tou o Gi(Jewel of the Land) - Used to be a large marshland. Through magics, the water was moved from a spread into focused rivers that spanned from one end of the continent to the other. When the dwarves to the west uncovered a sealed Lich, the leaders turned to the Feywild for help. In exchange for a permanent place of power, a Mist of Forgettfulness was spread throughout the lands, eminating from the many rivers.

Food - Crops consist of that which subsists on large amounts of water to subsidize the fishing industry.
Materials - Low
- - There is an operation for mining that was painstakingly started amid the water basin.
- - A small tree nursery is labored over by a line of druids.

Sorcerer Tyrant - Tyrannos Kalokagathos Desmo'Fylakas(Tyrant Benevolant Jailer) - Male Human Dragon Disciple
- Private Security
- - Rocklace Fallen - Female Gnome Dragon Disciple
- - Mark Billocks - Male Gnome Dragon Disciple
- - Pondakysli Baold - Female Gnome Dragon Disciple
- - Tina Fillfull - Male Gnome Dragon Disciple
- - Ignom Pencilpusher - Male Gnome Dragon Disciple
- - The Brand - Female Gnome Dragon Disciple

Multiple nobles all vieying to assassinate.‚Äč Ranked in man-power.
1st Councillor Vordect Riart Ygg-Yoben - Male Gnome Cleric
2nd Councillor Orville Ghront - Male Half-Orc Fighter - Mother Wendy, Father Gour, Brother Wroth
3rd Councillor Holsi Riao - Female Halfling Bard
4th Councillor Inagi Forsuki - Male Halfling Bard
5th Councillor Wroth Ghront - Male Half-Orc Sorcerer - Mother Wendy, Father Gour, Brother Orville
6th Councillor Xirith Mxlslip - Shardmind Arcane Trickster
7th Councillor Wendy Ghront - Female Human Fighter - Husband Gour, Son Orville, Son Wroth
8th Councillor Gour Ghront - Male Half-Orc Rogue - Wife Wendy, Son Orville, Son Wroth
9th Councillor Nondisyl Gebrah Guumi - Female Gnome Cleric
10th Councillor Prenda Goleck - Female Faery Favored Soul

Councillor of the Guard - 7th Councillor Wendy Ghront
Councillor of Nourishment - 6th Sirith Mxlslip
Councillor of Trade - 4th Councillor Inagi Forsuki
Councillor of Public Relations - 9th Councillor Nondisyl Gebrah Guumi
Councillor of the Arcane - 3rd Councillor Holsi Riao
Councillor of the Divine - 8th Councillor Gour Ghront
Councillor of Beautification - 1st Councillor Vordect Riart Ygg-Yoben
Councillor of Naval Patrol - 2nd Councillor Oville Ghront
Councillor of Entertainment - 5th Councillor Wroth Ghront
Councillor of Barrier Control - 10th Councillor Prenda Goleck