Framework(s) for D&D 4e, including Veggiesama's.

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About this Forum
This forum is for frameworks for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. You can learn more about what a framework is [url]here[/url]. We are trying to keep the forum organized before it gets overrun with posts, so before you post anything, please read the rest of this post.

Current Frameworks in this Forum
DeviantNull's DnD4E Character Sheet Framework
Veggiesama's D&D 4th Edition Framework
Rumble's D&D 4th Edition Framework, Version 5

Each separate framework has a sticky, locked thread at the top of this forum. This thread is for posts by the Framework developer, including the important information like "where to download the framework files." If you have a question or issue, please post a new topic in the forum. You must use the following format when you do (or it will very likely be ignored):

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[Framework Author #Version#] (Bug:/FREQ:) Topic

For instance, if you had a feature request for Veggiesama, you could use something like:

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[Veggie 2.33] FREQ: Automatic beverage vending on hits

If we determine that we need a "general discussion" thread for each framework, or that the primary threads should be unlocked, we will do so.

Note: Since forum post topics are limited in length, I suggest you use a shortened version of the author's name if it is long - so Veggiesama could be shortened to Veggie.



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