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Framework(s) for D&D 4e, including Veggiesama's.

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Re: Veggiesama's Framework (D&D 4e) -- Discussion

Post by bocotainin »

In the incredibly unlikely event anyone ELSE still uses this framework, it's broken by the json changes in current maptool.
In the execDamageRolls macro, there is an eval() that needs to be an eval(string()).
I have a more up to date version of this framework in the event anyone wants it.

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Re: Veggiesama's Framework (D&D 4e) -- Discussion

Post by StarMan »

I hear ya! For mine I had to retool my Choose Targets and Attack Power macros to build my JSON arrays using the "approved" method. That is to say I now use json.set() as opposed to the admittedly ridiculous string concatenation I was doing before. Gonna test my other macros in the days ahead to make sure they run under MT 1.7.

IIRC, one of my guys uses this framework in his other group but I think they're using 1.5.10. I AM gonna tell him to upgrade when I get the MPB completely 1.7-compatible though.
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