Veggie or Rumble?

Framework(s) for D&D 4e, including Veggiesama's.

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Veggie or Rumble?

Post by HuffHuff »

Firstly - Fantastic work to both of you. Both Frames seem fantastic and you deserve all the praise for your hard work.

Now... We are presently using Veggie in one game and I'm a player. Now I'm new to Maptools and so far, its great for on-line play, so much so that I'm thinking of DM'ing in the near future, just need to dust off my old gameworld and tweak it to 4th Ed.

My question here is... what are the Pro's and Con's of each Framework?

From my own view: Veggie seems a nicer/simpler layout for a PC, where Rumble's allows you to do anything you desire and import stat blocks and track rounds and effects. (as I said, I'm new and still discovering stuff, and really need to read the readme for both in full)

So I ask the community: what are your thoughts, pro's, Con's, even personal preference?

(This is a genuine question as to what people prefer and why, I expect a 50/50 split, but want to know what will suit me)

Thanks and again - Great work people.

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Re: Veggie or Rumble?

Post by Ramius613 »

I haven't used Rumble's FW in a game, but I did run Veggie's for my Scales of War Campaign. From a DMing perspective, I would probably reccomend Rumble's, for the sole reason of the ability to import monsters. A lot of my prep time in Maptools, with Veggie's FW, was spent inputting data for monsters, which can get kind of tedious. Both are very good, and my life was made 1000 times easier when it came to running the game. One other thing that Veggie's had that I liked was auras (I can't remember if Rumble added them or not, it's been a while since I looked), but those can be added very easily to any framework.


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Re: Veggie or Rumble?

Post by Venatius »

My experience with Veggie's was more scant, but Rumble's seems to offer a lot more effective and flexible combat automation overall between the two. No insult intended whatsoever towards either framework, of course. Personal taste, that's all.

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Re: Veggie or Rumble?

Post by paulstrait »

I've been running a campaign for the last 2.5 years, and for the better part of the last two years we've been using the Veggie framework. We just completed the paragon tier and are starting the epic tier this week, and I've switched over to the rumble framework b/c of the parsing feature. After our first couple sessions with it, my players and I will be able to compare the two directly.

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Re: Veggie or Rumble?

Post by Doktor Avalanche »

You do know that the genius of the monster importer / parser is that it can be added to any framework. I use this one (the latest veggie with the parser dropped in (F2 and F3 to call up monster sheet and importer as usual). See the Darrhkerrar token.

I have not used Rumble's importer but in this framework there is a little bit of editing to be done. On importing the PDF sheet two things need to be changed: if the XP says for instance "1,600 each" then the comma ( , ) and the "each" need to be deleted and it can then be saved and will work fine. I've used it for ten levels or so.
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Re: Veggie or Rumble?

Post by PinkRose »

My vote is for DeviantNull's Framework.
The framework looks like a Character Sheet. And all powers are links.

Thanks to TravisT there is a Monster Parser that works flawlessly (almost).

I've had my game going for almost 2 years. And used DN exclusively since it went up and I can't imagine using anything else. No offense to Rumble or Vegi. I just didn't start with theirs.
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Re: Veggie or Rumble?

Post by Rumble »

I'm no longer doing any development or bugfixing on my frameworks, and I think it's been a while since Veggie did any either, so if you want something currently being supported, DN is the one to pick.

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Re: Veggie or Rumble?

Post by Kryx »

Rumble wrote:I'm no longer doing any development or bugfixing on my frameworks, and I think it's been a while since Veggie did any either, so if you want something currently being supported, DN is the one to pick.

We'll keep it updated for you. No worries. :)

Just gotta decide on Slim or V5.

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