Couple questions about maptools and deviantnull

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Couple questions about maptools and deviantnull

Post by donzeac »

just two quick questions I couldn't find answers for browsing the threads and searching.

I am using Maptools 86 and DeviantNull 4-3.

1) My first question is probably a no brainer, but i'm new to the DM side of Maptools. How do I roll mass initiative? I've seen DMs roll initiative for all monsters and PCs selected. I see how to add things to initiative (w/o numbers). There has got to be a way to (after i change from hidden NPCs to token NPCs) roll the initiative for the NPCs and PCs, sort and go.

2) Is there a way to prevent PCs from seeing Character Sheets of NPCs. I've got the campaign properties (*@, *#, ect for the mouse over info) but even with strict token ownership on, My players can see the NPC (because i dont want it Hidden/Not-Visible), but they can open its Character Sheet and see its powers (They can't see anything else, just damage on mouse-over, not AC, not Fort/Ref/Will, they can't see NPC line-of-sight, they can't impersonate).

I want the NPCs to be visible but I don't want the PCs to be able to see their stats and powers. I don't want them to know if its a minion or what powers the bad guys have.

Thanks for the help.

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