GM Notes and Misc Notes in Rumble's Slim Framework?

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GM Notes and Misc Notes in Rumble's Slim Framework?

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Hi everyone,

I'm using Rumble's "Slim" framework to set up a simple 4e adventure and am wondering where to stick random miscellaneous notes about monsters. I see the "Show GM Notes" and "Show Misc. Notes" buttons under the Traits/Feats section of the Selection properties when I've got a monster token selected, but I can't seem to edit anything that opens when clicking on those buttons. GM's notes is a small empty text field on a panel and Misc. notes has the token image and some random stats on a panel. Neither of these seem to be editable in any way. Is there a way to add text to the GM's notes? That would be plenty for me to keep track of extra stuff that's outside the framework and whatnot. Maybe I'm missing some other feature of the framework to allow for these kinds of notes? Right now I'm having to make a dummy Power and cram all my notes in the effects of the power so I can keep track of all the random stuff and have it available on the character's quicksheet for easy reference.

The framework looks great-- I was able to set up a 10 encounter campaign in about a day, and I'm sure it'll be much faster next tim, as it won't be my 1st time through the process.


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