Noob looking for guidance

Framework(s) for D&D 4e, including Veggiesama's.

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Noob looking for guidance

Post by jiberg1 »

I am planning a lengthy 4th Edition campaign for some friends of mine who have played a variety of rpg's but never 4th edition. We will be using maptools, also a first. My question is which Framework should I use? This will be my first attempt at maptools, after using d20 pro and finding it underwhelming. I see there are three major frameworks that the community supports, I am looking for a balance of features and ease of use. It needs to be user friendly enough to avoid a new character from giving up,but still not short the player on the full maptools expedience. Also,does anyone have any tips for me? I plan to start after christmas, which gives me some time to collect and import maps, and work on teaching myself some basics. Does anyone have the monster stats programmed into a appropriate token? That would probably break some copyright laws, but still. Any good advice is welcome

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Re: Noob looking for guidance

Post by wolph42 »

oh boy, lots of questions. Might I suggest that you break them up into numbers

So that peeps can give focussed answers.

To answer a few:
- advice on which to use... no clue but even those who have a clue, will answer: try them all cause its basically a matter of taste. Actually better advise would be: start working with MT WITHOUT a FW at first just to get a look and feel for it and THEN pick a FW.
- if you look hard you can find some prefab tokens within campaign file here, however someone created a parser where you can simply copy-paste monster cards straight into a monster token. The parser does the conversion. I believe you have to look for stat card conversion or convertor in this FW. Its also possible that these are already build into the FW themself.

- The most important one: watch Brads video tutorials, they are vital, you can find them through the main website.
- Read some (relevant) tutorials in the wiki
- Test the FW here around to see which one best fits your needs.

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Re: Noob looking for guidance

Post by Typhus »

Hello Community,

I' use this thread for my question. Is there any Framework for DnD 4th Edition, that only gives the opinion to fill out a Charsheet without any automatic calculation ect?

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Re: Noob looking for guidance

Post by StarMan »

Don't understand what you mean by this. If you are just looking for one that displays a character sheet then I think DeviantNULL's is the way to go. I believe most use derived properties to generate stats. I recommend you try Rumble's as that is the popular favourite here although I know for a fact that he uses derived properties to generate things like half level and skills. I think any framework should still work OK if you overwrite the formulas with constants. Rumble is easy to use for beginners and has good community support. If you like it then stick with it otherwise you can migrate to mine (link below) if you need something more powerful.
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Re: Noob looking for guidance

Post by Jagged »

Rumble's Slim framework is mainly character sheet driven, takes most of the characteristics from the values you've entered rather than calculating.

Anyway I like it :)

However, like other posters I would recommend that if you are new to MapTool you use it as a whiteboard for a while before you adopt a framework, since they all take a little work and you need to be familiar with the ins and outs of the tool before you use any of the advanced features.

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