Random map at campaign load

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Random map at campaign load

Post by Isaan »

Hello everyone,

can someboby tell me why I'm always thrown on a random map on campaign load / server start / server sutdown?
Is there an option to set the start map?

I tried to use Google and the forum search, but never found anything about this. Am I the only one who has this issue? (at least it's not absed on the MapTool version. I tried 3 different versions.)

Thanks, Isaan

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Re: Random map at campaign load

Post by taustinoc »

It does that. You can control which map everyone starts on by creating a library token, and putting a macro on it called onCampaignLoad, and putting [h:setCurrentMap("Your Map Name")] in it.

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Re: Random map at campaign load

Post by Phergus »

You can also just hide every map but the one you want them to land on.

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