MapTools as Battle Map?

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MapTools as Battle Map?

Post by WillowNest »

I apologize if someone has already asked this, but I see the application can be used to host others and run games, but I have an in-person table top game that I would love to use this tool for so we can project it on the wall or display it on a TV. However, in looking it over, I can't seem to figure out how to do something like that.

Any suggestions? Resources? I want to be able to run it all as GM and reveal portions of the map as they come and then put mobs on there for positioning while allowing the players to roll their own dice and maintain their own characters.

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Re: MapTools as Battle Map?

Post by aliasmask »

There are several ways to do this. Connecting and HDMI cable to tv and computer is one way. It becomes your monitor. My computer has dual outputs so I can output to a GM screen monitor as well. In order to do that you run 2 instances of MapTool, one for GM and one for the Players. Drag windows to appropriate screens and mouse in between them. Your display setting will allow you to extend the desktop for 2 monitors/tvs.

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