Looking for Writers/Creative People to Create New System?

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Looking for Writers/Creative People to Create New System?

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I have not had a-lot of luck finding players on here. I am guessing that most are already in campaigns but I had been writing for many publishing houses over the course of 15 years. I knew Gary Gygax, and wrote for Troll Lord, as well with Wizards of the Coast, Green Ronin, and other houses. I do not write for companies anymore but I am still in touch with Gail Gygax [his wife] on a regular basis and just keeping up with current activities. As well still have many contacts in the industry.

I am patient, and will take as long as it takes to find the players for my campaign, but in the mean time I would like to find a small group of creative folk, writers and artists to create a new RPG or a supplement to an existing system.

I think it would be fun to put together something original and unique -- with that, I will give all equal credit and submit to my contacts and see if they will publish our creation. Or I will fund the independent publishing for a roll-out of 100 page, hardback book. Each of you will receive one for free, and then we can sell them for $9.99. I am sure I can get some sponsors from the publishing houses [from the editors or owners of] I have worked with and have good credibility/relations with them -- so I am sure it will be easy to get a few donors, but if not I will pay for it. I am retired now so I do have some expendable income. Retired at 37? Yes. =)

So either way it will be distributed through Barnes and Nobles and Walmart [those are the only places I have strong relations with because of previous work with -- I own a company that does marketing for them at times.]

x3 Writers:
Creative Insight

x2 Artists:
Drawing the cover, and on page content.

Editors/Project Manager
I will be one of them, need one other.

Marketing and Advertising

That's about all that is needed.

What will be done:

We will create an original supplement or an entirely new RPG system from scratch.
100 Pages
Will independently or sponsored 100 book run. Hardcover, full color.
Create an entire story/plot to give insight to the mechanics. [module-like]

If you are interested, just let me know on here and we can go from there.


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Re: Looking for Writers/Creative People to Create New System?

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Hi, most people have moved to discord, so its a bit of a desert here currently. Still useful to have a forum round, but most discussion happens there. Including LFG. Link in sig!

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Re: Looking for Writers/Creative People to Create New System?

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Any preferences for genre, etc?
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