Question about playing rpg's online with rp tools

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Question about playing rpg's online with rp tools

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So me and my friends have been playing dungeons and dragons for about a year or two now, but we've all since gone off to college, and we have less and less time to actually sit down together and play. So we decided to play online, and we found this great (or so we think it should be) thing to help us play, rptools, buuuuut last night we tried to get set up on it and see if we could get it working, however we realized that its a bit too difficult for us engineers to figure out. I was wondering if anyone here could help me out with a tutorial or some tips on getting it to work? we were able to start a server, and all get onto it, but that was the extent of it, we all saw the map that my friend had made, but the barriers didnt work or anything, it was basically just a picture. Oh and we were able to put down tokens. Any help[ would be awesome :)
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Re: Question about playing rpg's online with rp tools

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I recommend the tutorials on the community page. It will walk you the various things you can do. You can also go to our discord for more immediate replies. There's usually someone around to help.

Depending on your game, there are also "frameworks" which is just a blank campaign with basic macros for your game system available. It's likely someone else has done all the work so you can put in your own maps and tokens and go from there.

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Re: Question about playing rpg's online with rp tools

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TrishaSeliya wrote:
Fri Jul 16, 2021 10:00 am
but the barriers didnt work or anything,
The "barriers" are commonly called VB (Vision Blocking) and, more recentely, we've got MB (Movement Blocking). Those barriers have to be applied to your maps by the GM so that they can interact with lights and token vision (and token movement.)

You can check out some good tutorials here (though some lag the current full functionality):

You might also want to do a youtube search for Maptool Tutorials. You should be able to see MT's more common features in action (which, again, might lag the full current functionality but should certainly get your started.)
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