Google Wave Redux

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Re: Google Wave Redux

Post by Orchard »

aliasmask wrote:<on a side note>Corp-speak should be it's own language

"Well, Pulse leverages Novell's expertise and experience developing enterprise collaboration and communication tools, as well as industry leadership in creating strong identity and security management solutions. We bring these competencies together to give your enterprise the confidence to exercise real-time collaboration technologies."

</on a side note>

I have side-note related links (aka, I smell a potential threadjack opportunity, and that's what I'm good at):

sadly the Dilbert Mission Statement Generator seems to have gone defunct. It's too bad, really. It was genius.

So I give you the link that used to werk. ... bin/ms.cgi

It's got a nice 404 cartoon.
0+0=1, for very unstable CPUs.

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Re: Google Wave Redux

Post by Amaril »

Out of curiosity, has anyone checked out Google Shared Spaces? It's the new home for Wave gadgets. Each "space" created is an instance of the gadget that can be shared with others or embedded in any web site, including Google Sites or iGoogle. They're constantly updating Shared Spaces with new features. They also have a Chrome extension that allows you to create a Shared Space on the fly or access your list of existing shared spaces.

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Re: Google Wave Redux

Post by aliasmask »

I haven't checked it out yet, but at first glance looks like it may have potential. One thing I would like to have/do is a universal game scheduler. GMs would create a game overview and tie events to it so that slots can be filled by players (confirming attendance). This could control temporary fill in players when main player is out that session. Players could list desired game play times where the calendar would show all potential players and their desired time slots (so GMs can plan accordingly and solicit specific players). It would make LFG and LFP much easier.

onCampaignLoad could have a popup that prompts the player to log in confirming game play (simple site link).

edit: "When do we meet?" gadget does at least part of this with a collaborative calendar, but is only limited to days, not times.

edit: Well, there is an API for it. I suppose I could create it myself and make it Maptool specific (one version).

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